Is Kendall Jenner BACK With Her Ex Ben Simmons?!

Written by: Nakia Monet – December 16th, 2019 7:06pm PT

Kendall Jenner has been hanging out with her exes Harry Styles and Now Ben Simmons, and rumors are swirling she’s dating the latter again!

Kendall Jenner’s dating life has been the topic of discussion lately, first hanging out with ex boyfriend Harry Styles on The Late Late Show for an interview and now it looks like she may be rekindling her love with ex boyfriend NBA player Ben Simmons.

The young model was seen attending her ex’s basketball game last week.

A source told E! News, “Kendall has been quietly traveling back and forth to see Ben in Philadelphia,” adding, “last week, while she was in New York, she went down to Philadelphia Thursday night to meet up with him after his game in Boston. She came back to Manhattan Friday morning for a work commitment then back to Philly to attend his game Friday night. They are trying to keep things as under the radar as possible for now.”

If you remember the couple split back in May of 2018 after a few months of dating.

So what does that mean for Kendall? Remember it was also rumors that she was getting close with her BFF Fai Khadra.

Let us know in the comments below on who you think Kendall should ship, Harry, Ben or Fai or should she just live her best single girl life.

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