Is 90 Day Fiancè Star Jay Smith’s New Girlfriend Pregnant?

Written by: Christy Olson – January 14th, 2020 5:34pm PT

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90 Day Fiancé’s Jay Smith is facing rumors that he has a baby on the way, for the first time…this year. He addressed more than three similar reports last year. But this one could put a damper on some big projects Jay says he has in the works.

Jay confirmed to Us Weekly recently that he does have a new lady named Selena Miller. AfterBuzz TV did some digging, and found this online profile for Selena, who the notorious playboy actually calls his “girlfriend.”

So is Ashley Martson’s estranged hubby growing as a person? He is branching out professionally, claiming to have a TV show in the works.

Jay also mentioned he’s creating a clothing line and doing some modeling. A bun in the oven could certainly slow his roll.

But Jay has set the record straight. “No one is pregnant. She didn’t give no information to nobody that she was pregnant,” he told Us.

But there would be a million reasons for Selena to start the rumor mill turning. Like to irk Jay’s ex, who he’s still legally married to. See our previous exclusive with Ashley for more on that!

Reportedly, Ashley is freaking out about the alleged pregnancy. Probably because she’d be on the hook financially, not because she wants him back.

But Jay reiterated, “Nobody’s pregnant. Not that I know of.” He always adds that shady little disclaimer.

So will Jay be a TV star, model, designer, or daddy in 2020? Take your guess!

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