Inside Netflix & Selling Sunset‘s Christine Quinn’s Million Dollar Wedding

Netflix and Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn plans the wedding of the decade with black wedding gown, live swans, and a bleeding cake.

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Posted On: August 12th, 2020 9:27 pm pst

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A lot of us have been tired of watching new shows but Netflix’s Selling Sunset has been a must watch recently. It might be the only show where the cast are just as intriguing, stylish, and high maintenance as the stunning million-dollar homes they are selling. The streaming platform has already given us three seasons and fans are hoping for a fourth. Viewers are given as much information on the realtors as the houses, and it is easy to determine favorites or least favorites. Christine Quinn has most likely ended up on both lists but what is undeniable is her fashion sense and party planning. From her birthday party filled with Cirque Du Soleil performers and her Burgers and Botox open house, it was no surprise that she was going to have the wedding of the decade. 

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The finale of season four, which premiered on July 13th, featured Christine Quinn tying the knot to her husband Christian Richard at a downtown Los Angeles cathedral. The ceremony looked as if Morticia Addams was Disney princess for the night- and that is meant in the best way possible. While many brides would dread anyone wearing white to their wedding, Quinn insisted on all-white dress code as she sparkled down the aisle in an all-black gown. The bold choice paired beautifully with her winter wonderland theme and made it impossible to keep your eyes off of her. As she floated down the aisle, snow-yes you read that right- fell from the ceiling and painted the perfect scene. Some guests used their jackets to protect them, but it looked like it was worth every chilling moment and almost made you forget about the live swans that were there. 

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After the beautiful ceremony, Quinn changed into a form fitting black dress that showed off her lovely figure. Though her wedding was a true white fantasy, her reception was the complete opposite. Fog floated through the room decorated in red roses, secret chamber lighting, and a bleeding black wedding cake that was taller than both the bride and groom. Looking at the wedding cake, the Addams Family Fairytale theme comes to life. Christine couldn’t have described it better in her caption where she eloquently explained every detail that went into the delicious looking treat. While posting a close up of the creation, Quinn said it was a “multi-tiered confection with a “bleeding” center. Covered in velvet black petals, golden leaves and deep red poppies, with a towering tree with on which black sugar ravens perched. And high atop, a sugar gargoyle watching over the couple, making sure their love will never die.” 

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Of course, this magical wedding wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people working to pull it together. Also, how cruel would it be to highlight the wedding’s beauty without giving wedding planners, soon-to-be brides, and wedding lovers some details. Both of Quinn’s black gowns were designed by Galia Lahav, House of Couture. Her ceremony dress consisted of hand embroidered black floral appliqués and sparkly silk tulle while her reception dress featured beautiful beading and custom ostrich feathers. Quinn topped off her glamorous look with a pair of Christian Louboutin’s and hair and makeup by Kat Guevara and Jason Haiir.  Her cake designer, who shared how excited she was to create the special piece, was Julie Simon of Julie Simon Cakes. The wedding details and decorations that totaled to about $1 million, were at the hands of Christine’s wedding planner, Lisa Lafferty. 

Although she appears to be a mean girl on the show, Christine’s wedding planner told Page Six that she was far from a bridezilla and was very detailed in her planning. It seems to be a little hard to be mean when you are living your wedding fantasy. 

Christine Quinn’s wedding will definitely be on Pinterest boards for the years to come and provide inspiration for upcoming events. We wish the couple a beautiful union and can’t wait to see how she tops this spectacle. 

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