Infinite 100% Season 4 Episode 13 ‘My Hero Academia’ Review & Recap

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Join us as we breakdown Midoriya’s journey and this fun super powered world of ‘My Hero Academia’! Every week they’ll be covering a few more episodes to get to become the strongest of the academy! Subscribe to the AfterBuzz TV Animation youtube channel, and be sure to tweet the hosts to keep the discussion going! The same panel has previously discusses Fullmetal Alchemist, B The Beginning, and more shows!

Episode Recap

Deku goes full DBZ with his quirk but it’s Eri’s quirk that keeps him from self destructing! Is it not knowing Eri’s quirk that caused Nighteye’s vision of the future to change?! The fight between Overhaul and Deku is INTENSE and this episode shows how evil Overhaul can be. Overhaul’s true delusional plan of reversing quirks away from society is finally revealed. Then Gravity Girl, Froppy and Dragon Lady do their best to assist the other heroes and we learn that Toga and Twice truly are going Plus Chaos by their actions.

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  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Kari Lane, Veronica Valencia, Jaimi Gray, Ollie Drennan

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