In The Dark Star Perry Mattfeld Talks About Her Favorite Season Two Moments!

Perry Mattfeld who stars in CW’s In The Dark, talks about her favorite moments in season two and dishes about her co-star, Casey Deidrick. Plus, she sends love to her mentor and friend, Emmy Rossum of Shameless. 

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Posted On: July 16th, 2020 2:59 pm pst

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If you’re In The Dark about The CW’s riveting crime drama starring Perry Mattfeld, you better come into the light real fast. In The Dark shines a bright light on complex characters and romances. This show explores intense crime drama, suspense, and even makes you laugh; thanks to the hilarious anti-hero Murphy Mason.

There’s also shirtless Casey Diedrick, but that’s just icing on the cake.

I got the immense honor of speaking with the show’s star Perry Mattfeld, who shined some light of her own on how she got her start into acting. She gives us insights on how she prepared for the role of Murphy (which she continuously slays) as well as her favorite moments from season two and her hopes for season three.

Perry got her start in acting when she landed a spot on The American Girls Revue, but she has always been a performer and entertainer with talents in piano, singing, and classical ballet. 

(Fun fact: we bonded over the agony of Pointe.)

Perry’s love of performing continues to this day and since she’s a well-rounded entertainer and triple threat, it comes as no surprise that she would love to head to the bright lights of Broadway one day.

“I love Broadway. I just watched Hamilton for the third time…my dream is to one day do a cameo as the King on Hamilton. I’m almost six feet tall and just the way I physically look is comedic. It is absolutely still a goal for myself to go back to theater.”

After continuing to perform and finishing college, she landed the pilot of In The Dark. As soon as the show got picked up she began portraying the role of Murphy Mason. Perry has incredible complexity, depth, charisma, and overall astounding talent.

Besides her captivating work on In The Dark, Perry also had a stint on Shameless! She was not shy to share just how awesome the experience was for her and how welcoming and loving the cast was to her and all newbies to the set.

“The cast are such a tight-knit family. What’s so remarkable is how welcoming they were and are to new talent. Emmy especially completely swooped me under her wing. She wrote a letter to the director of In The Dark before they casted me. She’s a role model and so talented.”

These days, on the heels of an intense season two finale, Perry shared some of her favorite moments from the season and sent love to her incredible cast and crew who she says is truly some of the best in the business.

“Season one was definitely very heavy on a single character, we got to know Murphy a lot, but I do love that (in season two) the entire ensemble is fighting for the same thing. Murphy is our anti-hero but now we have an entire group that you’re rooting for.”

Credit: The CW

Perry also touched on how different season two is from season one, which is great for fans like me, who are getting ready to binge the show when it drops soon on Netflix.

“We definitely got more into the crime thriller aspect in season two. I’m also always impressed that the show is still so funny. These people are really struggling, but there’s also an awesome arc with Murphy and Felix.”

Aside from the show dropping for us binge-loving fans, even more great news is that the show is already picked up for season three! Mattfeld shared her extreme excitement for the new season but shared the sentiments that many in Hollywood have in today’s COVID world.

“It will be interesting. I don’t know what it’s gonna be like to go back to filming but I do trust that we have such an incredible creative team.”

Something else that is incredible is Perry’s portrayal of Murphy Mason. Murphy is vision impaired, but that’s not her only vice. Murphy is an alcoholic, who also struggles to connect well with others emotionally, and Perry’s portrayal of this extremely layered character is truly remarkable. Perry discussed these layers at length and also touched on what she loves most about this role.

“Murphy is vision impaired, so it’s been awesome to get to understand that community. Lori Bernson is the inspiration for Murphy. She’s become like a second mom to me. But also, Murphy is stripped of all the exterior fluff and there’s been times that I’ve been in my most physically vulnerable state. It’s still physically Perry, but I’m given the voice of someone so confident and vocal and unapologetic.”

Credit: The CW

Speaking of confidence, I was confident to tell Perry that I’m (for lack of a better term)  kind of in love with Casey Deidrick!!

Perry laughed,“Who isn’t?!”. Perry also mentioned the incredible working relationship that she has with Casey and even touched on how he’s definitely a fan favorite of the show.

“When people stop me like in the street, they always ask about Casey. They’re like ‘you’re from In The Dark, how’s Casey?!’. Yes, he is obviously so handsome, but his inside is even more attractive than his outside. He‘s such an awesome partner to be vulnerable with as well. I have a lot of trust in whatever he’s gonna give to me in our scenes together.”

Casey is undoubtedly a fan favorite, but it’s actually hard to pick just one on such a magnificent show with so many relatable characters.

After this eye-opening chat, I received such incredible insight into not only the character of Murphy, but also into the wildly talented, sweet, humble, and down-to-earth human that plays her, Perry Mattfeld.

If you need more Perry (like I do) be on the lookout for all the exciting projects she has in the works, like umm…a film with Kate Hudson! 

You can also catch her on social media @perrymattfeld and you can stream In The Dark right now on The CW, or when it becomes available for binging on Netflix very soon.

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