Imagine Your Favorite Pose House Mothers in Quarantine

Imagine Pose in Quarantine with MJ Rodriguez, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, Billy Porter, Ryan Jamaal Swain and Hailie Sahar’s characters coping during Corona.

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Posted On: May 14th, 2020 8:32pm pst

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ABTV Imagines Pose In Quarantine 

Quarantine has brought out the best in many of us.  It has also brought out the best in our imaginations. On that note, our ‘ABTV’s Imagine _________ in Quarantine’ series has us “IMAGINE” how our favorite fictional characters would fare in Quarantine.  This week we imagine how Pose would survive in quarantine.

Pose broke barriers and diversified what we know as television. The show allowed us to see and connect with a community that is often ignored. Within the first season, not only did we learn about ballroom but a lot of us were hooked and rooting for everyone to win. 

Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista played by MJ Rodriguez 

Blanca Rodriguez- Evangelista immediately brainstormed ways to help others during this lockdown. Before New York officially shut down, Blanca opened her home to as many people she could house and support. After going back and forth, she agreed to stay with Angel and Papi while the city remains closed. Having her children look after her took some getting used to but she is thankful for the time she is able to spend with her family. With nail salons closed, she practices on her children whenever they let her. 

Elektra Abundance played by Dominique Jackson 

Knowing that she was trapped in the house for months, the first thing Elektra Abundance had to do was get rid of the body in her closet! I can’t give you all of the details but just know, it was taken care of. With that problem solved, Elektra surprisingly found a way to keep working. Apparently, people still love to be told what to do over Zoom. When she is not working, she is putting on her finest outfits to parade around the block. Even if it’s only four people, someone has to see how good she looks. 

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Angel Evangelista played by Indya Moore 

Angel Evangelista was on the first flight home when news about the virus emerged. She couldn’t imagine not being with her mother Blanca during this time. By remembering the lessons taught by Ms. Ford and Papi, she budgeted all of her money to still afford her apartment in the city. She insisted that Blanca stay in the other room so she can keep a close eye on her health. With the world finding a new “normal,” Angel is still booked and busy. She has facetime photoshoots for magazines and continues to pursue her modeling career. As a matured young adult, Angel has loved having her mother around to share stories and get advice. 

Damon Richards- Evangelista played by Ryan Jamaal Swain 

Unfortunately, Damon couldn’t make it back to the states before the world started dealing with the pandemic. His blooming career found him in Italy when they went on a strict shutdown. After seeing the country’s response, he called his mother Blanca to give her a heads up. Because of his tip, Blanca was able to stock up on supplies before the stores ran out. To stay on top of his mental health, Damon dances every day. Whether he’s taking Debbie Allen’s Instagram class, teaching virtual privates, or improving in his living room, he jumps at the opportunity to get his body moving. 

Pray Tell played Billy Porter 

Pray Tell was another leader of the community that took action. He paid close attention to the news and thought of ways to do his part. With the help of the counsel, he transformed the ballroom into a makeshift apartment. Of course, more than ten people are quarantining but for them, it is their only option. Back at his own place, Pray Tell has dived into his fashion career. Our favorite emcee has used this time to not only create designs but work on his own brand and line. He even sends Angel pieces to wear for her shoots. 

Lulu Ferocity played by Hailie Sahar 

Lulu Ferocity is using this time to better herself and her house. Although they have snagged their fair share of trophies and tens across the board, the House of Ferocity hasn’t been stamped as legendary. Lulu has taken the time to learn the talents of all of her children and found ways to use them to their advantage. Her house will come out swinging when the ballroom opens back up. The trophies make great decoration, but her drive comes from wanting to honor Candy. She keeps in mind how much the ballroom meant to her and works to carry out her vision. 

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been online shopping. You might as well order some of Pray Tell’s pieces while you’re at it. 

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