Hunter Hayes Calls Shawn Mendes Badass and Wants to Collab

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Count Hunter Hayes as a HUGE fan of Shawn Mendes.

Hayes spoke with AfterBuzz TV before his concert in Los Angeles and gushed over Mendes as an artist, and as a person, and said he’d be the #1 person he’d want to collaborate with.

“He’s such a badass,” expressed Hayes. “I got to meet him a couple years ago when he did a show in Nashville and hang out with him a little bit. And uh, I just love the pure human being that exists behind all that music. And I love the purity of his music, too.”

Mendes apparently feels the same way. He’s mentioned Hayes on Twitter before, praising him.

While on the subject of new music, Hayes exclusively told AfterBuzz that new songs are on their way very soon!

“There’ll be new music out in the very near future,” revealed Hayes.” in the very, like, summer, early summer. Um, and then, uh, and then more, and then more later this summer.”

If you pay close attention, you might even get a glimpse even sooner.

“I’ll be dropping hints pretty much everywhere so if you’re just kinda looking around you’ll see,” said Hayes.

Hayes is currently on his Closer to You tour.

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.