How the Coronavirus is affecting Bollywood

Written by: Shiksha Mahtani – March 16th 2020, 1:30pm pst

The coronavirus, recently labeled as a pandemic, has quickly spread around the world, infecting many, and forcing many businesses to temporarily shut down. Bollywood was no exception. From rescheduling shoots, to postponing movie releases, the Bollywood Industry has had to take major precautions as a result of this widespread disease.

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Salman Khan has recently been traveling the world filming his new movie “Radhe.” They were scheduled to film in Thailand this week, but that has been cancelled. The much anticipated movie Sooryavanshi, featuring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif was planning to release on March 24th, but it has been delayed until further notice. Karan Johar’s new project Takht was supposed to begin production, but that too has been stalled as a result of the virus.

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83, a major release about the cricket world cup, featuring Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, was to drop its trailer on March 11th, and release the movie on April 10th. However, the trailer never released, and there is talk that the movie release is going to be pushed to a later, unknown, date.

According to Times of India, on Thursday March 12th, the Delhi government closed down all movie theaters until March 31st, as a result of the coronavirus. This is a major step towards halting all business related to the movie industry. This is creating a ripple effect, resulting in many major releases for this year being postponed, and all promotional activities being put to a stop. Many production houses are cancelling other shoots scheduled around India out of hesitation to travel with their crew.

In addition to Bollywood productions coming to a complete standstill, the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards – otherwise known as the “Oscars” of India – were supposed to take place in Indore on March 27th, but that has also been pushed until further notice because of this health crisis. The Zee Cine Awards, took place on Friday March 13th, but they refunded the audiences tickets, and broadcast the ceremony instead.

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Overall, the Bollywood community, much like the Hollywood community is doing their part to keep everyone safe. By postponing their movie releases, they are not only helping themselves by assuring better audiences for their movies, but they are, as a result, discouraging people from being out in social settings.

For anyone reading this, please make sure to stay safe during this global crisis. As Priyanka Chopra said on Instagram, this seems like the best time to bring back the Indian “namaste” as a social greeting, in place of handshakes.

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