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Quarantine With The Stars is your chance to get up close and personal with some of your favorite Hollywood actors, directors, producers, and writers to find out what they’re really doing behind the scenes while we all hunker down amidst the pandemic! As the famous phrase goes: “stars, they’re just like us,” and this time, it’s true! What series’ are your favorite actors watching? Are they still keeping their craft as we all play the waiting game? And what can we be looking forward to once the world settles back down? Tune in EVERY DAY, LIVE, to hear from your favorites, here on AfterBuzz TV.

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Butterfly Ali’s blend of progressive R&B, indie hip-hop, thoughtful chillwave, and all-out pop explosions is a psychic liberation from genre, expectations, and convention. If he looks familiar, you’re right to assume. Born and on IMDB as Titus Makin Jr., Butterfly Ali currently stars as gritty rookie LAPD officer on ABC’s “The Rookie,” and is recognized from his teenage breakout roles in the hit TV series “Glee” and “Pretty Little Liars.” Now for the first time with his music, Ali has created a space where he can be entirely himself. In his new single “Listen to Me” out everywhere April 1st, Butterfly Ali makes a true musical statement of who he is in under three minutes. Though a backbone of warm bass wrapped tightly around “Be My Baby” drums, along with a soulful Gibson guitar and shimmering piano, he delivers a jaw-dropping throughline of emotion and melody which evokes the legends of Motown and Stax Records. Please see the private link to the standout “Listen to Me” single here: Butterfly Ali’s love of Motown’s big, bright beat and contemporary laid back grooves join together creating contrasting musical textures and moods… think Andre 3000, Marvin Gaye, Anderson .Paak and you’re getting warmer. His signature voice is soft, airy, and authentically him in his recent breakout single “Rose.” Followed by his anthemic single “Righteous” released just a couple weeks ago. Cinematic both in production and overarching themes, please see the beautiful music videos here: “Rose”: “Righteous”: Butterfly Ali has all the charm and careful attention to detail as you would expect from a perfectionist obsessed with 60’s Motown, Stax Records, and 70’s funk. For him, music delivers something that Hollywood just can’t, where he accepts nothing but complete control over his art. He can be seen on his filming off days popping up in LA venues performing live, where he has done for the last few years cutting his teeth and honing his craft.
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