How Beyonce, Cardi B, and Drake Might Be Spending Quarantine Based on Zodiac Signs

How Kelly Rowland, Drake, Miley Cyrus, and Reese Witherspoon are spending quarantine based on their zodiac sign.

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Posted On: July 30th , 2020 6:10 pm pst

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Quarantine is the new normal and everyone is dealing with it in different ways. What better way to make this time fun than to add the hottest celebrities in the mix? Here are some of your favorite celebrities and our predictions on how quarantine has been for them based on their zodiac signs! 


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I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T is what many Aquarians are and have no problem with being a free spirit during the quarantine. For the most part, they go with the flow and are always down for a good time. Did we mention they are more likely to win a dance battle? The proof is in the pudding, just ask Justin Timberlake or Kelly Rowland! 


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In quarantine, it can get real for a Pisces because they are probably spending their time doing self-care routines while in the midst of making their dreams come true, Just like the Pisces queen, Rihanna, a Pisces is more than likely plotting on their next business venture to collect their coins during this time.


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Quarantine during the summer is already hot, but an Aries will bring a fiery attitude that will make the temperature rise like never before. Similar to Reese Witherspoon, you’re probably spending quarantine in comfy clothes and finding new books that teach you something new, just for the hell of it! 


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A Taurus during quarantine is making sure they are spending their money wisely as well as finding more than one way to stay busy. They are responsible and enjoy finding therapeutic ways to spend their time like gardening, painting, music, and frankly, anything that is creative. Don’t be surprised if you discover that their hidden talent is them knowing how to do a spot on Barbra Streisand impression! 


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Geminis are over quarantine for the most part and are ready to live again! A Gemini is losing it staying in the house because they love being outside socializing! If you’re a Gemini like Naomi Campbell, you’re also probably wearing cute quarantine outfits for lounging in your home and takingTarget trips. 


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Love being at home but still miss their family and friends. Cancers are pros at quarantine because they love the ‘home’ life, but when they are forced to stay home, they can start to travel down memory lane. If you are a Cancer princess like Saweetie, you probably are having a blast during quarantine with your significant other or having a ball in the house with a couple of close friends. 


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Leos are making sure they are staying busy during the pandemic in the midst of all the critical events happening across the world. Most of the Leos in the world have a magnetic personality and are full of energy like Vivica A. Fox! If you’re quarantined with a Leo make sure you have the energy of an Energizer bunny because they will find a way to not get bored.


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Virgos love to be different and stand out among others. I mean just look at Queen Bey, she is going to do everything BIG or not at all. In quarantine, Virgos are more than likely to be working their butt off on a goal they have, while scheduling the next time they will be doing their face mask. 


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A Libra is more than likely still hanging around loved ones but with a margarita is definitely in their hand too! When they are not in your stubborn ways, they are finding ways to have balance in their lives between work, family, love life, and quarantine naps. 


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The introverts and private ones of the zodiac chart. Scorpios are chillin’ and waiting for their boo to tootsie slide their way to their house. Take notes from Drizzy Drake himself, he’s got Scorpion written all over him.


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Sagittariuses are over quarantine and want to go back to normal because they love having freedom! They aren’t afraid to experiment or try new things. During this time of quarantine, they might try a new hairstyle or make some kind of fashion statement in the meantime, just like Miley Cyrus!

Which zodiac sign are you and how are you dealing with quarantine? Let us know in the comments below! 

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