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Patrick Renna has brought iconic characters to life on the big and small screens, proving that from comedy to drama, and from action adventures to romantic comedies he can do it all. In 2018 Renna can be seen on season two of Netflix’s award-nominated comedy series “GLOW.” Produced by Jenji Kohan, “GLOW” follows Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), a struggling, out of work actress in Los Angeles in the 1980’s, who eventually goes on to create the first women’s wrestling TV show. Renna is a scene stealer as Cupcake, a socially awkward GLOW super-fan. The series is slated to premiere season two summer 2018. Born in Boston, Renna moved to Los Angeles at a young age with his family to pursue acting. At thirteen years old he landed his breakout lead role, starring in 20th Century Fox’s blockbuster hit film “The Sandlot.” 25 years after its release the film is still a cult classic and Renna’s character Hamilton ‘Ham’ Porter remains an icon- with one of his token catch phrases “you’re killing me smalls” still used by kids and adults today. At sixteen years old Renna starred in Disney’s “The Big Green,” directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan. He went on to work steadily throughout the 90’s and ‘00s in films including: “Son In Law”, “PUNKS”, “Blue River′′, “Very Mean Men”, “Life Blood”, “Dark Ride”, “Dorm Daze” and countless others. Renna’s long list of television credits include recurring and guest star roles on: “Bones,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Boston Legal,” “The Closer,” “Judging Amy,” “ER,” “The X-Files,” and starring in the SYFY film “Lavantula” opposite Steve Guttenberg. While working in front of the camera has kept Renna busy, he is also passionate about writing, producing, and directing. He produced indie feature “Bad Roomies” which was released through The Orchard in 2015. The film, a dark comedy directed by Jason Schnell and written by Justin Mooney follows two guys (Renna and Tommy Savas) who decide to get a female roommate (Annie Monroe) for all the wrong reasons, forever turning their lives upside down. Most recently, Renna starred opposite Abigail Breslin and Chris Marquette in the comedy thriller “Fear, Inc.” (2016). The film follows a horror junkie and his friends as they sign up with a company that brings their customer’s greatest fears to life.