How Actor and Philanthropist Phillip Keene is Surviving the Qurarantine | AfterBuzz TV

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Acclaimed actor and philanthropist, Phillip Keene, best known as ‘Buzz Watson,’ the tech savvy member of LAPD’s exclusive squad on TNT’s hit drama franchise “The Closer” and spin-off “Major Crimes,” is working with Project Wingman, a COVID-19 charitable initiative mobilizing volunteers from the travel industry to support frontline health care heroes with pop-up lounges in hospitals. In addition to his philanthropic work, he’s also available to discuss LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood, share his story, and talk about his relationship with long-time husband, James Duff (creator of TNT’s “Major Crimes & “The Closer”) on behalf of PRIDE month. Growing up between South America and Orange County, Phillip got his first taste of theatre while in middle school, performing in “Annie Get Your Gun” and continued his passion throughout high school. After graduation, like most struggling actors, Phillip worked a string of odd jobs until one day when he bought his very first newspaper, flipped through the personal ads and stumbled upon one to become a Pan American World Airways flight attendant. He packed up his things, went to Miami for a six-week training program and then on to London which he would call home for the next few years. When the company folded in 1991, Phillip decided his next move would be moving back to California. He worked another odd string of jobs at a modeling agency, at the local gym, as a travel agent and even as a makeup artist. At this time, he also attended UCLA and double majored in history and art history and taking acting classes on the side. It was only by chance that a friend of his, who worked in the entertainment industry, set him up with his role on “The Closer,” and the rest is history! Phillip’s love for his past career with Pan Am never faded, and he has amassed one the largest collectors of the airline’s iconic memorabilia. Since he began collection in 1996, his collection has grown to over 3,500 pieces and includes matchboxes, posters, uniforms and tableware.