Houseguest Ovi Kabir Criticizes Big Brother 21’s Unfair Connections

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7/29/19 2:55PM

Big Brother is all about forming the right connections with others in the BB house, but one houseguest is calling foul for how the show sets some people up for success in advance.

Ovi Kabir was one of the 16 original people in the house for Big Brother 21, but was evicted on day 15. Now, he’s calling out the show for not putting everyone on an even playing field. Kabir was a guest on AfterBuzz TV’s Big Brother aftershow when he opened up about prior connections some people in the house have.

“There is twists in the game where people know each other prior, but having a connection like Christie [Murphy] and Tommy [Bracco] where they’ve had pictures with each other since 2012, I believe. That’s a connection right there that you cannot even make in the day 90,” said Kabir.

It isn’t a total twist to have contestants on reality shows know each other outside the show, and the tactic often adds a new level of drama. However, for Big Brother, Kabir says everyone should start out as strangers because alliances mean so much.

“They are instant final two people when they see each other in the house and we’re going all the way,” said Kabir. “I think that’s a little unfair to the other houseguests like myself and other people who are just getting to meet.”

Kabir also says it’s not as enjoyable for the fans, who are expecting a fair game.

“You expect 16 houseguests to go in and 16 houseguests not to know each other,” said Kabir. “There’s so many applicants out there, it’s, there’s, it shouldn’t be that hard to find no crossovers there.”

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