Home & Family Host Paige Hemmis Shares Inspirational Waterpints.

Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family host Paige Hemmis shares DIY inspirational waterprints that will brighten your day. 

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Posted On: May 25th, 2020 5:17 pm pst

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It’s a three day weekend and Home and Family shares another great project to do with the family. This is our favorite DIY of the week. 

Paige Hemmis and her adorable kitty [Simba] showed us how to make watercolor prints to brighten our day! The best part of these prints is you can choose to have inspirational quotes and turn them into a colorful print to display around your house. 

Credit: Home and Family’s Instagram

One of Paige’s favorite quotes is “Hakuna Matata” aka no worries which is the type of inspirational quote we need right now. So sit down, turn on the Lion King, and watch as Paige walks us through on how to make inspirational waterprints. 

Credit: Home and Family’s Instagram

“The best part is you can do this with stuff that you already have at home. All you need is a spray bottle, a ziplock bag (or any plastic bag), and markers!”

TIP* You need water based markers not oil based or permanent markers. To make sure it’s water makers look at the back of the care instructions. If it says wash with warm water and soap you’re good! 

Credit: Home and Family’s Instagram

Choose any inspirational quote that matters to you. It can be “Good Vibes,” Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear,” ect. 

Once you have your inspirational quote. You can have it be on 8 x11 or 8×10. Just take a paper cutter to trim down the edges. 

“Put the ziplock bag down on top of it…take the colors that you would like..go ahead and draw on the plastic bag with your markers.. then you’re going to want to take a spray bottle.”

Credit: Home and Family’s Instagram

As Paige is spraying the plastic bag the water starts to break up the colors. After a few sprays you’re going to grab the piece of paper from underneath the plastic bag and flip it over so the paper with the quote is facing downwards and on top of the plastic bag. 

Then you’re going to flip everything over again and start pressing down on the plastic bag and the colors will absorb onto the paper. 

Remove the plastic bag and set it aside (you can reuse the plastic bag again; the markers will wipe off). Take paper towels and start dabbing the paper where there is excess water. Then set the paper aside to dry.

If you want to create borders around your quote you can use a sharpie or a ruler. 

Credit: Home and Family’s Instagram

After the paper is dried pick a frame and display your new artwork around the house! 

Thank you Paige for showing us a DIY that will not only add new decorations to our household but will lift our spirits. Be sure to check out her video on the full tutorial. 


Follow Paige Hemmis on social media to keep up with her latest DIY’s and watch Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel for more at home projects. Every week we will be picking our favorite DIY that Home and Family has shared. 

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