Home & Family Host Kym Douglas Shares Lemon-Aid Beauty Products

Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family host Kym Douglas shares lemon-aid beauty products to brighten & moisturize your skin

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Posted On: May 17th, 2020 12:35pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine Beauty: Kym Douglas 

During these uncertain times it’s normal for our moods to be down but Home and Family has provided us with another DIY to lift our spirits. 

“When life gives you lemons, you know what we do? We all know! You turn it into a DIY lemon- Aid.”

Kym Douglas shares with us that not only are lemons great to add in our water and help hydrate us but they also have good beauty benefits. 

Here are three beauty tips that will help moisturize and brighten our skin. 

“First we are going to start with a Zestfully scrub and this is so great especially for your dry hands which we all had because of all of the sanitizers we have been using.”

Credit: Home and Family

That is true! It’s important for us to kill the germs but we’re paying the price of our hands being dry! You can also use this scrub on your knees and the bottom of your feet. 

“We’re going to start off with our star ingredient. ½  juice of a lemon. Then I added a little bit of sea salt and sea salt is so great for that scrubbing and exfoliation.”

Credit: Home and Family

“A quarter cup of olive oil…and then last but not least this is optional, I love to add five drops of lavender essential oil. I usually do this scrub right before I go to bed, in the evenings I jump in the shower. I put this on in the shower, scrub away all the dead skin cells and what it does, it helps you calm right down and soothes you.”

This is perfect to use, especially if you have anxiety or just want a really good night of sleep. 

Next, Kym shows us how to make a brightening oil. Summer is right around the corner and we all want our skin to glow. 

This is a great way to brighten up your face without having to go to the store to buy products. 

“Half a teaspoon of cocoa butter and I love the cocoa butter..I just melted this down in my microwave for about a minute and you add that right here into our beautiful bowl.”

Credit: Home and Family

“Then you want to add two tablespoons of coconut oil. I prefer to get organic and really great quality oil…you are putting this on your body..and then the last thing you want to do is have half the juice of a lemon.” 

Note* make sure to squeeze your lemon juice in the same bowl where you have your cocoa butter and coconut oil. Then you want to mix everything together. The ingredients will turn into a paste. 

“What I do with this is put in a dropper and I put it all over my face just to brighten everything up. You can put it on your shoulder bones and your hands.”

That sounds amazing! We are definitely going to give this a try and this will save us money on buying expensive brightening serums. 

Lastly, Kym shows us how to make the “Lemon Rosemary Relaxing Foot Scrub.” 

Ladies and men, this is something we all can use! With cooking, cleaning, and trying to keep up with the kids. Our feet need a break. 

“You take a sprig of Rosemary, I take all of the sprigs off or you can keep some on there and then I mash them down..then what you want to do is add a cup of Epsom salt…then last but not least our star ingredient, you want to do half of a lemon.”

Credit: Home and Family

TIP* If you don’t have lemons you can always use lemon juice as well. 

Thanks Kym for sharing your lemon-aid DIY these three treatments are definitely going to take the stress off and make us feel better about ourselves.

Hallmarkies! If you are wanting to check out more of Kym’s DIY, she has a great one on how to make moisturizing face masks using your kitchen ingredients

Just remember when life gives us lemon all you need to do is make lemonade!

Credit: Home and Family

Be sure to check out Kym’s video on the full tutorial. 

Be sure you are following Kym Douglas on social media to keep up with her latest beauty tips and watch Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel for more DIYs that will help make quarantine life less stressful. 

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