Hilary Duff Reunites W/ Lizzie McGiure Cast Members

Hilary Duff reunites with Lizzie McGuire cast members including; Adam Lamberg, Lalanie, Jake Thomas, Haillie Todd, Robert Carradine, Ashlie Brillault,  Kyle Downes, & Davida Williams. Writers Nina G. Bargiel & Jermey J Bargiel reveal the backstory on creating the “Bra” episode. Plus, Hilary joins the Co-founder of Food52, Amanda Hesser, on her new IG Live series “Arm Chair Cook.” 

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Posted On: May 18th, 2020 12:04 am pst

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ABTV Loves Hilary Duff Weekly 

This was an exciting week for Hilary because she reunited with her old cast members from Lizzie McGuire doing a virtual table read from the “Bra” episode. This week marks the 19th anniversary of when “Between a Rock and a Bra Place” episode aired. The cast members wanted to do something special and us fans thank you!

Credit: Hilary Duff’s Instagram

That’s right, all cast members reunited together including;  Adam Lamberg [Gordo], Lalanie [Miranda Sanchez], Jake Thomas [Matt McGurie], Haillie Todd [Jo McGuire], Robert Carradine [Sam McGuire], Ashlie Brillault [Kate Sanders], Kyle Downes [Larry Tudgeman] & Davida Williams [Claire Miller].  

After introducing all the cast members Hilary couldn’t forget about our favorite animated character on the show. 

Credit: Hilary Duff’s Instagram

“You guys I almost forgot yours truly”

Hilary holds up a poster board of the iconic animated version of Lizzie McGurie. We would recognize that hot pink crop top and blue jeans any day! 

“I better get this out now!” 

Lalanie states as she starts whipping her eyes from tears. We’re right there with you Lalanie we are all getting emotional seeing the cast back together. 

The two writers of the show, Nina G. Bargiel and her brother Jermey J Bargiel, explain the backstory of writing this particular episode and there were some hesitations from Disney about having a storyline that was centered around bras. 

Credit TVline

“It was sorta a thing where, could we do this? Is this a thing where we could write about bras on the Disney channel?” Nina revelves. 

Jermey chimes in. 

“When the network asked us about that, they would raise eyebrows…”

Nina clarifies that Disney wouldn’t allow them to show a bra up close where that would be the main focus on the screen. Throughout the episode they only used sport bras. 

Make sure to check out the full video on Hilary’s IGTV. The cast didn’t leave anything out! Including singing the main theme song. 

For more info check out Lizzie McGuire Virtual Table Read with Full Cast Reunited 19 Years Later

Next, Hilary continued to make more IGTVs and shared a cooking video with Amanda Hesser (who is the co-founder  of Food52). Hilary was Amanda’s first guest on Arm Chair Cook, a new IG Live series where she coaches her guest through a specific recipe while sitting comfortably in her chair. 

Credit: Hilary Duff’s Instagram

That sounds cool! We all could use this service especially since we are spending a lot more time at home. Be sure to check out ArmChair Cook and who knows you could end up being Amanda’s next guest!

As Amanda is explaining her new IG live series, Hilary quickly rushes to the oven and pulls out her Pepitas.

“I just burnt the Pepitas.” 

Amanda laughs.

“Don’t worry we’ll figure it out.”

Hilary sighs as she looks into the camera.

‘I’m like I smell…the Pepita, dammit!” 

It’s okay Hilary, we all have made mistakes in the kitchen. Some of us would be too embarrassed to share on social media! You’re fine. 

Plus, Amanda is there to assist you so we’re sure your Pepita-Crusted Chicken recipe turned out amazing. Luca and Banks would be impressed. 

Here is the second half of the video. Hilary was having some issues with her IGTV.  Don’t you just love technology! 

When Hilary isn’t making tasty meals for her family she is spending time with her adorable daughter. Hil shared a cute Instagram video of Banks playing with her make-up and giving Hilary a new make-over. 

Credit: Hilary Duff’s Instagram

“Banks is going to be doing make-up tutorials soon..she really likes to get it on the cheeks” 

We love the new look Hilary! 

Hilary was inspired by Banks’ make-up tutorial that she decided to do one of her own. Hilary starts the video seated in her bathroom, playing with her hair. 

Credit: Hilary Duff’s Instagram

“Oh this hair color? Oh, thank you yes. I call it mercury lake.” 

Hilary has expressed that dying her hair blue has been tough to mantain but we feel like she can pull off any hair color. 

Make sure to check out the full video for some great beauty tips from the queen of make-up tutorials. Who says we can’t look good while some of us are still in quarantine.

Lastly, Hilary shares two cute photos of her kids.The first one is of her sweet boy Luca. 

“Ugh…the skin, the blue eyes, the placement of the freckles, the best part of all is the placement of his heart. My sweet Lucas, I love you all the way.”

He is handsome Hilary! We can tell you’re a proud momma.  

The second photo is of Banks who has found a new way to exercise while they are quarantined.

Credit: Hilary Duff’s Instagram

“Getting real creative over here.” 

We love it! You might have a future gymnast in the family. 

Make sure you are following Hilary on social media. Hopefully she will be posting more cooking and beauty videos soon!

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