Hilary Duff Gets Even with Husband Matthew Koma During Quarantine & Gets Real About Life as a Second Grade Teacher.

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – April 23rd, 2020 3:54pm pst


Hilary Duff is sharing with her fans what her marriage is like with Matthew Koma during quarantine, and we’re wishing these two would have their own reality TV show. 

A couple of weeks ago, Hilary joined Matthew on his live Instagram as they sang a cover song to “Never Let You Go,” by Third Eye Blind. 

During the live video Matt mentioned that when Hilary gets mad at him she will take away the ring light so he can’t film his music videos. 

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“The other day Hil got mad at me and I was filming that music video I was talking about earlier and she lent me her ring light. When she got mad at me she took away the ring light so I couldn’t film anymore. That’s what it comes to in quarantine households and couples fights.” 

Fans (including us) love how real Matthew and Hilary can be with each other on social media. 

Hilary started laughing and defended herself. 

“That’s not exactly what happened..you think all of these people are going to take your side…this is also the day I hid his cell phone in the couch. Instead of fighting we just get even…I love you so much.” 

We love you both! Honestly, we went back and rewatched Matt’s live video over and over. Not only for their performance but because we can’t get enough of these two. 

Hilary shared on her Instagram what else she does when Matt makes her upset and we might take her up on this idea when our spouse is irritating us (especially during quarantine). 

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Get ‘em girl 😂 @hilaryduff

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“ I have to share these things with you..yesterday I got mad at Matt for something and you know how I like to either crank the heat in the room he is sitting in or hide his cell phone in the couch or do other semi mean things that turn out to be funny but make me feel better in the moment. My new thing is, anytime I have to give a website my email I just pop his right in there. I’ve done it three times today..”  

Please keep sharing, Hilary, on how you “get even” with Matt, because we are here for it. 

On this next post that Hilary shares, we can see how Matt is responding to Hilary’s pranks.

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Should I take a hint ……

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“Should I take a hint…”

Hilary, never! We know deep down Matt loves your pranks and is probably impressed by how clever you are with some of your ideas (like we are). 

When Hilary is not busy playing pranks on Matt she is with her kids but just like every momma, sometimes you need a break. 

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We feel you Hilary. That’s what we would be doing too during our breaks. A little alone time is what us parents need to survive quarantine. 

Hilary also shares what life is like as a second grade teacher. 

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2nd grade teachers love @whiteclaw ammorite ??

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“2nd grade teachers love @whiteclaw ammorite??

 You are so right! We think all second grade teachers agree with you Hilary. A little wine in between lessons helps the teacher come up with a better curriculum to teach. Keep doing your thing, Hil. 

Make sure you are following Hilary and Matthew on social media. We can’t wait for Hilary to share more ways on how she “gets even” with Matthew. 

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