Hightown S1 E4 & E5 Recap & After Show: The Best You’ll Feel All Day

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One woman’s life of boasting her authority to seduce women is interuppted when a murder pulls her into the middle of Cape Cod’s heroin epidemic. Join us on the HIGHTOWN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we dive into the seedy side of beautiful Cape Cod. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Episode Recap

Episodes 4 & 5 of Hightown really take us on an emotional roller coaster. They give us hope. Lots of hope. Hope that Jackie will get her life back together and even make things work with Evonne. They give us major hope that Junior is ready to be a man, take care of his family and make amends. The even make us think that Ray may actually be a decent guy who might be falling for Rene. But they take that all away from us in episode 5. Jackie is unable to stay sober and loses her way. Unfortunately it costs her the love of her life and even saving Krista. Krista’s death gave us one thing though, a side of Osito we have never seen. We get a much better understanding of who and why Osito is who he is. It gives Junior a look into what his life could end up looking like. What we don’t know is what Rene’s life will end up looking like because she seems very much into Ray. Even tells him that she does not want to be his CI anymore but Ray doesn’t seem to feel exactly the same. Who knows how Jackie or Junior will handle Krista’s death or whether Rene can truly trust Ray.

Hosted by: Monse Bolanos – @monsebolanos & Gabriella Castania – @gabriellacastania

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