Has Love After Lockup’s Clint Found A New Goddess?

Written by: Breanna Chianne – February 12th, 2020 12:23pm PT

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Has Clint left behind Goddess Tracie and ran off with another woman?!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner but it’s not coming up roses for our favorite cracked out couple, Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady.

Tracie Wagaman. Credit: Tracie

Fans were happy to see Clint bond his goddess out of jail in hopes of getting her on the straight and narrow and back into rehab. Yes, things were looking bright for the Dollar General Bonnie and Clyde. But it looks like things have recently come to a sudden halt based on some of Tracie’s Facebook posts. The reality star returned to social media after a month-long hiatus by changing her profile picture.

Rather than a photo of she and her husband, followers questioned why it was now a selfie of an unknown brunette woman. Commenters asked and Tracie answered!

Apparently, the woman, later identified as Genevieve Ann Bailey, was a fan of the couple-turned friend of Tracie-now man stealer!

Wagaman described her as “the fan that stole his heart (or won his heart). She went to claim she has his phone and is trying to control him and even went as far as to call the woman ugly!

“Gosh I’m so embarrassed that he went for me to her. Not saying I’m a prize or anything but damn! I know he has better taste than that,” she said.

I guess Tracie’s never heard about not throwing stones in a glasshouse.

Clint hasn’t publicly commented on the matter but he did share a questionable video of him talking to fans about “crack being whack” (as if we didn’t know that already) and hopefully not having to deal with that again…even though he’s “never done it.”

Anyway, maybe some time away from each other is the perfect rehabilitation for both parties. I mean what version of love is better than self-love? I think the best Valentine’s Day gift they could give each other is SEPARATION!

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