Harlan Drum And Writer Caron Tschampion Share The Behind The Scenes Of Sweet Magnolias

Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias actress Harlan Drum and staff writer Caron Tschampion talk finding your voice, learning not to judge, and what it means to collaborate.

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias: Harlan Drum and Caron Tschampion 

Just WOW for episode nine of season one! There’s drama in and outside the courtroom, and from the writer’s room Caron Tsechampion gives us some bts workings of how it all went down. 

“Everything in the room is such a group effort. This was my first staffing job so I really leaned on the room a lot in terms of that, and everybody brought a certain something.”

And as for CeCe, whether you love her or hate her, actress Harlan Drum, who plays CeCe, states her argument for why you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. 

“I think it was really important for people to realize, as they watched the show, the backstory of CeCe. Like everybody, I think this show does a really good job at highlighting it. Everyone has their own things going on and…CeCe isn’t this stereotypical mean girl that she comes off as, she has some insecurities that she’s dealing with too. It was important for me for people to see that, that she has something else going on.”

When Kyle is no show at the mock trial, and Annie has to step in as a substitute, CeCe has something to prove both to herself and her father, and poor Annie is decimated on the stand. Harlan felt very strongly about that scene with Annie on the stand. She believes it’s where CeCe starts to find her voice.

“As CeCe she feels like she’s missing something from her father, and when she sees that he’s there to support her I think that… she realizes…I am strong, people support me…CeCe realizing, you got this, you’re stronger than people think you are…”

This episode also introduced farmer Jeremy who stirs up everything especially for Dana Sue! His character serves a very specific purpose for Dana Sue that Caron expounded on. 

“I’m sort of the ‘I want everybody to kiss’ writer in the room…the energy between the two of them and the chemistry between the two of them..she (Dana Sue) has been going through so much and..we just needed Dana Sue, like you said, just to live and be able to be free..”

And, come to find there was a last minute change to the script which in hindsight Caron says, exceeded expectations.

“First off, it was a motorcycle but for production reasons it turned into the Skylark which ended up being so much better.”

We couldn’t agree more!

There were so many realizations and lessons in this episode, Kyle’s depth of feeling unseen, Helen learning that Ryan still doesn’t want children, and Bill stepping up for the first time when Kyle goes missing and surprising everyone, which led to Harlan’s biggest takeaway from working on Sweet Magnolias.

“You really just don’t know people until you really keep digging, and I think that Helen mentioned something to Annie after the court scene..like you just gotta keep digging when there’s people…who gotta find the good in people and you will…there’s some good in everyone..playing this character made me realize that more and more…you have to go deeper…”

The collaborative efforts from the writer’s group to bring all the rich flavors of these  characters to life was an important topic to discuss, and Caron emphasized and embraced the collaborative nature of writing for Sweet Magnolias.

“We’re all writing from our own experiences…I mean even the male in our room…I think he writes women amazingly…I think that we all bring a certain..who has a kid, who got divorced, who had a childhood trauma…that’s the most beautiful thing I think about being able to just be in a great room of writers where you feel like you can be vulnerable enough to say whatever you want to say about yourself, and it’s just this trusted space…and the fact that it is a mostly female writing staff…I think it comes from everyone’s different experiences, and sharing those experiences, and learning how to build off of them for one another and bringing each other up.” 

That support and effort of the cast and writer community showed up so beautifully in episode 9!

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