Happy Mothers Day to Moira Rose / Catherine O’Hara of Schitt’s Creek

Wishing Schitt’s Creek Moira Rose and Catherine O’Hara a Happy Mother’s Day, and why Moira is the most unexpected best mom ever. 

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Posted On: May 9th, 2020 7:37 pm pst

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How many TV mothers inspired us and even helped us through our childhood and teen years? OR in this case our 20s. During this Mother’s Day season, AfterBuzz TV will be honoring those amazing TV mothers that we all know and love. In this edition, AfterBuzz TV wishes a Happy Mother’s Day to Moira Rose, mother on Schitt’s Creek, and arguably the best and baddest TV mother of them all.

Happy happy Mothers Day to my favorite mum besides, of course, my own. You can’t deny it, Moira Rose inspires us to live our best lives and truest selves. All my Schitt’s Creek ships where you at?! Do you agree, or do you agree?

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Moira, who is a former soap heroine and current vocalist in the Jazzaglas, is also the grande dame (or leading lady.. Which one, Mom?) of the fabulous Rose clan. With her children David and Alexis, as well as her husband Johnny by her side, Moira has let us grow and learn with her as a mother, and she has taught us that one can still be a loveable and fabulous starlet, as well as a great mother. 

Moira, who is played by none other than the incredible Catherine O’Hara, has given a whole new meaning to the term “mother.” Throughout the show you see Moira go through trials and tribulations of her own, as well as with her kids, but the way Catherine plays the part so beautifully, you know that even though it might not always seem like it, Moira over everything loves her family most. Well, maybe not at first… but we eventually get there, and it still gives me happy chills just thinking about it.

Throughout the season, you get to watch her journey as she evolves as a mom. She is undoubtedly devoted to her husband Johnny and her collection of wigs, but it seems she was a little neglectful as a mom during her kids upbringing. I use the term “neglectful” lightly, because as my own brilliant mother always says, “it takes two to tango”, which we learn as the season goes on is very true. The relationships between Moira, David and Alexis though at times have been rocky, by the end really blossom in the most beautiful way. It’s never too late to be a great mum to your bébés, and Moira showed us that. 

Moira also taught us to always dress our best. No matter the occasion:

That words and vocabulary are our biggest assets. Use them to your advantage: 

 That humour or slight delusion also helps when defending oneself: 


That it’s okay if you aren’t the best cook… we all have our faults: 

And not to mention she has also been my biggest quarantine inspiration: 

All jokes aside, at the end of the day Moira Rose has become one of today’s biggest icons. She loves, accepts and respects her kids for who they are, while also never losing sight of who she is. The tender moments she shares with David and Alexis, such as her tear jerking tribute at David’s wedding, or her telling Alexis that she underestimated her at Singles Week, remind you of the amazing mom she really is and has become. Moira taught us to never give up on our dreams and to never forget our worth, she taught us the phrase disgruntled pelican, which I use often, and she taught me that even in the Schittest of times, if you are surrounded by people who care about you and that you care for, that’s all that matters. Thank you Moira Rose, and thank you Catherine O’Hara for bringing this amazing character to life. Happy Mother’s Day to the ultimate mother of all TV mothers. 

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