Happy Mother’s Day To Martha Kent From Smallville

Happy Mother’s Day to Martha Kent from Smallville portrayed by Annette O’ Toole.

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Posted On: May 8th, 2020 9:59 pm pst

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Happy Mother’s Day to Martha Kent from Smallville. 

Behind every superhero is a super mom and we all know Clark Kent wouldn’t be the iconic hero he is today without Martha Kent (portrayed by Annette O’ Toole).   

Credit: The WB

Martha Kent is one of our favorite TV moms because not only does she have to raise a teenage boy but she also has to help him discover and hone his new abilities while trying to live a low profile life in the town of Smallville. 

In the first season of Smallville, Martha convinces her husband [Jonathan Kent] to adopt the mysterious boy  they found in the middle of a corn field and make him a part of their family. Martha was even the one to name him Clark. 

Credit: The WB

Martha’s Mother instincts were already kicking in when she first laid eyes on Clark…even if he did arrive in a Spaceship. She’s the true definition of loving someone unconditionally.

Who can forget the time when Clark was trying to adjust to having X-Ray vision and Martha encouraged him to treat his new ability as if he’s looking into a telescope. Her goal for Clark was for him to be able to use his X-Ray vision when he wanted to instead of it happening out of the blue. 

Credit: Supermanhomepage.com

Which is a good thing because as soon as Clark was able to control his X-Ray vision he saved his high school sweetheart [Lana Lang] from Tina Greer who tried to kill her. So, really, we should be thanking Martha. 

Credit: tvmegasite.com

Another ability Martha helped Clark with is when he discovers he can shoot fire from his eyes. Clark confesses to his parents that his new power started when he was watching a sex education video and suddenly set his classroom on fire. 

Credit: SheKnows.com

Martha definitely had her work cut out for when she had to tell her son that his new power is triggered by his teenage hormones.

Plus, she helped him control his heat vision so he wouldn’t harm others. Martha definitely wins Mother of the Year after resolving this issue. 

One thing we love about Martha is she’s not only a good wife and mother but she makes time for her own dreams too. Wanting to put her college degree to good use she decided to work for the Luthors to help her family out financially. 

Credit: DCWiki.com

That also gave her the advantage to spy on Lex and Lionel to make sure Clark’s secret was safe. Us fans were always questioning Clark and Lex’s friendship. 

After Martha quit her job with the Luthors and managed the Talon (Smallville’s local coffee shop) for a little while. She eventually became Kansas’s state senate which paved the way for her to take a job in Washington D.C. 

Credit: The WB

Clark had to convince Martha to leave Smallville and that he was old enough to take care of the farm by himself.

“You and dad always taught me to put others first. To use my abilities to help those in need. You have the chance to fix so many people. To change so many lives if you go to Washington. It’s where you need to be if you really want to make a difference, Mom.” 

Credit: The WB

We are always reliving those Martha and Clark heartfilled scenes.  

Not only does Clark think highly of her as a mom, but so does Lois Lane. Martha takes Lois in when she doesn’t have anywhere else to go in Smallville and there have been numerous times Lois has thought of Martha as the mother she never had. 

Also, Martha was the first to detect that something was going on between Lois and Clark when she stayed at the Kent farm. Again, never underestimate a mother’s instinct. 

Credit: The WB

In Season 9, Martha has a conversation with Clark that he needs to be honest with Lois and tell her about his abilities if he chooses to spend the rest of his life with her. 

Credit: The WB

She even gives Lois parenting advice when she confides in Martha, wanting to know what her purpose in life is. Martha tells Lois about when she found her purpose in helping others. 

“I came home on a rainy weekend and discovered the river was rising. So I pulled on work boots and went down to the river with Jonathan. We started throwing sandbags. We worked all night holding back a wall of water. When the sun rose I got to tell 20 families that it was safe to go home again. I don’t know what my purpose really was until that rainy day.” 

Credit: The WB

Not only is Martha a great mom to Clark Kent but to anyone who needs guidance in Smallville making her one of the best TV moms of all time. 

From all of your TV fans and from everyone living in Smallville, Happy Mother’s Day, Martha Kent! 

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