Danica McKellar Quarantine TikToKs Tips On Best Hygiene, Best Way to Pass Time and Best to Listen to Lizzo.

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – April 9th, 2020 2:49pm pst

One of our favorite Hallmark stars Danica McKellar is making sure she is staying busy during quarantine by creating TikToKs and giving us tips that will come in handy. 

Tip one: Danica knows the importance of washing our hands during the coronavirus pandemic and shows us that you can have fun while maintaining good hygiene. 

Credit: Danica McKellar’s Instagram

“So…this is what happens when I’m self-quarantined and social distancing…I make silly hand-washing PSAs on @tiktok.” 

We love it when you can be silly and it looks like you’re having a good time washing your hands listening to, “Wow You Can Really Dance,” by Marjolein. 

Wow…I think we need to start following Danica’s lead and play this song every time we wash our hands. Thanks for the TikTok tip… no wonder you were everyone’s favorite on The Wonder Years

Tip two: Danica knows being quarantined can be boring (especially if we are busy bodies) but what’s the best way to bypass the time? Making a TikToK to the song Bored In the House by Curtis Roach of course! 

Danica gets real with us by showing us what it’s like to be quarantined without kids vs.with kids. 

Credit: Danica McKellar’s TikTok

“How quarantine looks for some peeps WITHOUT kids…”

Yes..we who are without kids certainly do have a lot of time on our hands. Danica suggested in her TiKToK video that we could write a book or learn a new language. 

Danica, we might just prefer to watch one of your Hallmark movies instead. 

She then showed us what it’s like being quarantined with kids and we’re sure parents can relate. She’s folding laundry, making dinner, cleaning dishes, and tutoring her son with math. 

Credit: Danica McKellar’s TikTok

Not going to lie.  We paused the video a couple of times to get a better look at those math equations…you’re a great teacher, Danica! 

Credit: Danica McKellar’s TikTok

“Quarantine parents be like…what does bored feel like again?” 

It’s okay Danica we’re sure your son appreciates being quarantined with you.  

In the meantime, we are just going to keep replaying this TikTok because the beat to this song is so catchy. 

“I’m bored in a house and I’m in a house bored, bored in a house and I’m in a house bored….” Danica, this song is now officially stuck in our head.

In case you’re still feeling bored and you don’t have kids to help you keep busy, Danica suggests going through cardboard boxes to see which ones you should keep or throw away.  

TiKTok tip number three is the true definition of adulting and, Danica, we couldn’t agree more! 

Credit: Danica McKellar’s TikTok

“One thing about being an adult that no one ever talks about is how much time you spend debating with yourself whether to keep a cardboard box or not because… it’s a really good box and you might use it for something else.” 

Credit: Danica McKellar’s TikTok

True! Especially since we are getting everything shipped to us while we are quarantined. We all are guilty for having at least five Amazon boxes hidden in our closest. What a perfect time to start our Spring cleaning. 

Danica’s last TikTok tip is while we are quarantined it’s important for everyone to still keep up their appearance and Danica sets the example of self care while listening to Lizzo.

Credit: Danica McKellar’s TikTok

“Sometimes, amid all the crazy news, you just gotta throw on a @lizzobeeating song and toss your hair.” 

 Danica, we agree it’s best to take a break from the news and do something that lifts up our spirits. All we can say is this TikTok left us feeling “Good As Hell.” 

Be sure that you are following Danica on TiKTok to view her latest videos and keep up with us on Hallmark weekly for more updates with your favorite Hallmark stars. 

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