Hallmark Star Brooks Darnell’s Exclusive Interview on ’A Winter Getaway’.

Brooks Darnell stars in Hallmark Channel’s ‘A Winter Getaway’ and discusses the beautiful locations they shot in Banff, Canada. Working with his co-star Nazneen Contractor, where he would travel to if he was a millionaire, and a new hobby he started during the pandemic.

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Posted On: January 22nd , 2020 11:57 am pst

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Brooks Darnell Interview

Credit: Hallmark

Brooks Darnell is starring in Hallmark Channel’s A Winter Getaway premiering this Saturday January 23rd part of Hallmark’s Winterfest lineup. Brooks sits down with Chelsie Overocker from House of Hallmark to discuss a few of his favorite locations while filming. 

Brooks’ character [Joe] is an average guy who is gifted a luxury trip and is mistaken as a millionaire. Sparks immediately fly when he meets Courtney [Nazneen Contractor] , his personal concierge for the trip. As they grow feelings towards each other Joe has reservations of telling her the truth, worried that she won’t feel the same way about him. 

While being on set shooting A Winter Getaway, Brooks enjoyed the amazing locations they filmed in Banff Canada. He expresses that it’s a place that will humble you and it’s a must see regardless if you enjoy being in the cold or not.

“We shot some in Winnipeg which was beautiful. But Banff was probably the icing on the cake. I have never been so it was my first time in Banff. When you get into Calgary it’s an hour to Banff then it’s another 45 minutes up the mountain. The mountains are so huge. They are humbling because you get up in the mountain and see everything surrounding you. So you see a lot of peaks, valleys, and mountain tops. Where we shot it was built in the 1800’s as a tourist destination and it’s built into the mountain but it’s an actual castle. So it has a lot of history and the railway still goes by there. Brook explains, “if you are a winter person or even if you are not a winter person it will humble you and it’s a place you have to go.” 

We agree the locations were beautiful. One of our favorite scenes that we enjoyed watching was with you and Nazneen talking on top of the mountain before your two characters raced down the hill snowboarding and skiing. Brooks revealed that it was really him snowboarding down the mountain. 

“Listen I have about two weeks worth of back pain to prove that I was on the mountain going down it”. Brooke states, “ that was me going down the mountain.” [laughs]. Those exact words. Me going down the mountain. That’s all that I’m gonna tell you.” 

That was really you? We are impressed because that is a steep mountain to be snowboarding down. You looked so natural!

“I hope so because literally on the ride back I didn’t have the chance to go through my progression and stretch and do all that stuff..we shot back to back days because when you are on a mountain, one we’re in a winter so the light is shorter so we don’t have daylight as long. Then you’re battling the elements on a mountain with a film crew. On the way home I was feeling everything.” 

Just like your character you need a masseuse to help you with all of that back pain. 

“Yes and here we are in the middle of a pandemic and there is no masseuse to be found.” [laughs]

Not only were the locations beautiful to watch but so was the chemistry between you and Nazneen. 

“Thank you it means a lot because that was our first time working together. First time we met was in the trailer on day one. That’s it after that we are there for three weeks. If we like each other good. If not too bad we still got to work together [laughs] but it panned and we got along well. She’s great. She came to work prepared everyday and we did our thing.”

What’s one scene that you really enjoyed filming that you can’t wait for the audience to watch? 

“The very last scene. You know which one I’m talking about. It’s beautiful, it’s beautifully shot, it’s beautifully lit. The words are beautiful. The idea behind the scene. The reason it’s in the movie is beautiful. The way it ties everything in together. It has a nice arc from the beginning of the scene to the end of the scene. There’s comedy in it as you know. That one scene encompasses a lot of the movie and is beautifully shot.” 

The last scene is one of our favorites too and it ties in to what the main message this movie gives which is to be authentically yourself because money can’t buy love. What else makes this movie special is comedy intertwined with the dialogue that flows into the storyline.

“I’m a bit more goofy in this one than I have been in other ones. I think you’re right it blends very well into the storyline and to my character. There’s a little bit of mystery to him but you get a little bit of relief with the comedy and I really tried to lean into that so I’m glad it translated on screen.” 

It translated great in the movie and we enjoyed the comedy in the script. 

“I think they cast me because I am a lot like Joe. I don’t take things too serious…they will tell you on set I’m cracking jokes.” Brooks states, “ I’m like alright guys I’ll get serious. Alright let’s go and as soon as we are done I’m back to goofing off. You know life is too short especially in the pandemic to take things too serious. I think people need to be uplifted in laughter and that’s always been my sentiment is not to take life too serious. You have to live.” 

You have a positive outlook on life which can be difficult especially during these uncertain times. How do you maintain a positive mindset? 

“That’s a good question because I did it myself. Challenge yourself. I think give yourself a challenge. Give yourself something and stick to it. For me it’s been guitar. I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar. I bought guitars, bought amps. This is Prince’s amp in the background if you can see it. So I’ve gone above and beyond to challenge myself and I bought these things to say hey, you’ve invested all of this money, make sure you do something with it. It has given me another outlet and I think that’s what people need. Another outlet to take their mind off of the negative things and the negative effects of the pandemic and the place we’re in. So challenge yourself.” 

How cool that you picked up playing the guitar during Covid. You will have to share some videos on your IG and let us know what far you have come. 

If you were the same position as Joe and had the luxury to take a trip or spend money on anything. What would it be and why? 

“First, this may sound a little cliche. First I would want to make sure that everybody on earth had a meal everyday first off. The second thing, I would make sure that everybody was healthy or at least had access to healthcare everyday. Now with that said, the glitzy stuff the reason why you’re really asking [laughs] is I would probably have a house in Bali and a house somewhere in Africa that I like. I haven’t been to Africa so I have to go and visit. But I would go back and forth between those two and shoot movies.” 

Last but not least in the movie Joe chooses to have root beer over champagne. What would you prefer? 

“Root beer…wait hold on I answered that too fast [laughs] depending on the occasion.”

Thank you Brooks for coming on the Hosue of Hallmark to discuss A Winter Getaway and giving great advice on how to keep a positive mindset during these unpredictable times. Make sure you all watch the movie this Saturday January 23rd. 

You can find Brooks on IG @sincerelybrooksdarnell to keep up with his latest projects. 

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