Hallmark Channel’s Memorial Day Weekend Movie Marathon.

Hallmark Channel’s Memorial Day weekend movie lineup starring; Cindy Busby, Ryan Paevey, Emilie Ullerup, Danica McKellar, Christopher Russell, Emeraude Toubia, Shawn Christian, Roselyn Sanchez, Eric Winter, Julie Gonzalo, Jonathan Chase, Peter Porte, Lacey Chabert, Taylor Cole, Jack Turner, & more.     

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ABTV Loves The Hallmark Channel

It’s Memorial Day weekend and Hallmark is celebrating with a movie marathon all weekend long  for us Hallmarkies! Here are our top 10 movies you must see this weekend (this list was not easy to choose from). 

Number One: Our first pick is Dater’s Handbook starring Meghan Markle who portrays Cassandra Barba. Realizing she has a habit of picking the wrong guy to date, Cassandra decides to seek help from Dr. Susie who is a relationship expert. Find out if Cassandra will choose reliable George [Jonathan Scarrfe] or carefree Robert [Kristoffer Polaha]  in this modern romantic film, making us believe that we should always listen to our hearts. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Number Two If you’re a fan of Pride & Prejudice, then you will be a fan of Unleashing Mr. Darcy (if you aren’t already). This movie quickly became a fan favorite on the Hallmark Channel. Cindy Busby [Elizabeth Scott] and Ryan Paevey [Donovan Darcy] both light up the screen as their characters discover to enjoy the journey as their paths ultimately keep crossing (with a little push from Gabrielle). If you love dogs and watching an unexpected romance unfold this is a must see. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Number Three:  Incase you missed the Spring premiere of Nature of Love a few weeks ago, now is your chance to watch! Emilie Ullerup [Chesapeake Shores] and Christopher Russell [Love in the Forecast] play one of our favorite on screen couples. This movie leaves you wondering when was the last time you tried something new for the first time? 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Whether it’s trying a Spicy Tuna roll or going “glamping”, this movie will leave you inspired to live outside of your comfort zone. Who knows?  You might just meet a Will [Russell] along the way. 

Number Four: Love in the Sun is another one you need to catch this weekend because us single people can relate to this movie. Alana [Emeraude Toubia] is a dating app creator who returns back to her hometown and runs into her high school sweetheart Kai [Tom Maden] who changes her perspective on love. We will learn that sometimes what the heart wants the most is waiting for us at home. Plus the help from Micah [Shawn Christian] to guide us along the way. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Number Five: Make it a date with Saturday’s feature, “Love on the Shore” starring Amanda Righetti [Colony] and Peter Porte [Love, Once, and Always]. We might not be able to make summer plans this year but we can live spontaneously through Jenna [Righetti] and Lucas [Porte] as they plan on getting away for the summer but for different reasons. Their differences though might just bring them together in an epic Summer romance that’s ageless to us Hallmarkies. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Number Six: Another movie we can live spontaneously through is Love on Safari starring Hallmark favorites, Lacey Chabert [Winter in Vail] and Jon Cor [Picture a Perfect Christmas]. If you ever dreamed of going to Africa, Hallmark provides us with a front row view with stunning locations that will not only impress us but Kira [Chabert] as well. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Africa isn’t the only thing Kira starts falling for when she meets Tom [Cor] who is a ranger. She will have to decide if she should take a leap of faith on Tom or stay with her boyfriend Brad [Jonathan Roxmouth]. The possibilities are endless in the Safari. 

Number Seven: What else has endless possibilities is getting involved with a Prince. If you love Taylor Cole and Jack Turner from the One Winter franchise then Summer Prince will also win your heart. Mandy [Cole] , an aspiring PR executive not only has to repair rebellious Prince Colin’s [Turner] reputation but maintain her own as well. Mandy will soon discover that sometimes taking a different path in life can lead to greater opportunities. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Number Eight: Watch as sparks fly between Ally [Danica McKellar] and Jake [Mark Deklin] in Love and Sunshine. Nothing brings a couple together than a sweet Golden Retriever. Remember you don’t need to wait for holidays to celebrate the important things in life. 

Warning* This might convince you to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy after watching this movie. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Number Nine: In case you missed the premiere last week of How to Train Your Husband. This is a must see that you need to watch with your spouse or if you want to pick up on a few tips on how marriage works. Julie Gonzalo, Jonathan Chase, Karla Mosley, & Andre Hall Aaron teach us that sometimes the “ideal” relationship isn’t what we’re looking for.  

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Number Ten: You “Nailed it” this weekend after watching A Taste of Summer starring Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter. Gabby [Sanchez] learns moving to a new town to pursue a career dream can have it’s challenges but when she meets single father Caleb [Winter] she will teach him that life isn’t always about a competition. 

TIP* You might pick up on how to make a few meals to enjoy on Memorial Day after watching this movie.  

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

That’s our top 10 picks that you need to watch this weekend on Hallmark Channel’s Memorial Day weekend movie marathon starting Saturday May 23rd. But honestly…all of them are good! 

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