GOT7’s Mark Donates To George Floyd Memorial Fund And Supports Black Lives Matter

Mark donates $7,000 to the George Floyd Memorial Fund, Members hold fan video calls, JB amazes as the June 2020 Cover of Nylon Korea, Jackson answers fan questions on Ask Anything Chat, special GOT7 + DAY6 episode of Idol Radio, Youngjae launches clothing line and JJ Project celebrates their 8th anniversary.

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Posted On: June 1st, 2020 1:43 pm pst

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ABTV Loves GOT7 Weekly

We’re back, Aghases. The members have been shining glimmers of light on us throughout the last few weeks. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to. 

First and foremost, we need to proudly acknowledge Mark’s $7,000 donation to the George Floyd Memorial Fund from abroad. He also shared ways to support Black Lives Matter. The men of GOT7 have always stood for equality, fighting for what’s right and leading with love. Thank you, Mark, for using your international platform to support your fellow Americans. 

We’ve been reeling in jealousy ever since the guys started doing video meet and greets with fans in place of in-person fan meetings. Lucky for us, iGOT7 has been kind enough to share some of their moments with the members. Even Milo came along for Mark’s most recent call. Don’t miss the cuteness here

We have no words! JB is the perfect cover guy for Nylon Korea’s June 2020 cover. The full interview and fashion spread captured all of the sides of JB that we love so much. He went into detail about his friendship style, love for fashion and definition of “cool”. Once a leader, always a leader. 

The King of Masked Singer revealed that Raspberry Wine is our maknae Yugyeom! In his final performance, he paid tribute to JYP himself by singing I Have a Girl. He put on a beautiful show, as expected. 

We’ve been anticipating Jackson’s appearance on Most Requested Live with Romeo’s Ask Anything Chat. He answered a ton of fan questions about his relationship status, collaborating with BTS’ RM, the future of Team Wang and much more. Check out the full interview

Idol Radio hosts Youngjae (GOT7) and Young K (DAY6) were joined by fellow members Jinyoung (GOT7), BamBam (GOT7), Wonpil (DAY6) and Dowoon (DAY6) for a special, unofficial JYP episode. We got to see how close the members remain as most of them have known each other since their trainee days. They even gave us a glimpse of the JYP dance they had to learn when they first joined the company. It’s better than we could’ve imagined. Check it out.

Youngjae launched his clothing line, but he couldn’t do it alone! He teamed up with his famous pup, Coco, for the Ars x Coco collab. What could be better!? The line is currently available until June 8th. A portion of the proceeds will go to animal shelters. Don’t miss out on supporting Youngjae here.

Happy 8th Anniversary JJ Project! JB and Jinyoung have come such a long way since their Bounce debut. Our social media timelines have been flooded with fan video edits reminding us of how inseparable this pair has always been. Here’s one of my favorites. We’re wishing JJP many more incredible years together. 

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