GOT7’s Jinyoung Gives HEAR, HERE Concept Store Tour, Jackson Takes 100 Ways To U.S. Radio

GOT7’s Jinyoung gives fans a tour of his HEAR, HERE concept store in Seoul, Jackson Wang takes his single 100 Ways to U.S. radio, Yugyeom gives us a look at a solo dance practice, Mark streams Super Idol League, BamBam chats with fans on Twitter and MORE. 

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Posted On: June 22nd 2020 5:37pm pst

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ABTV Loves GOT7 Weekly

Just when I thought things might slow down for the summer, the guys kept us on our toes!

We’ve been waiting for Jinyoung’s solo photobook, HEAR, HERE and it finally arrived. Not only that, he surprised fans with a concept store in Seoul where IGOT7 can buy merch in person through June 30th. Check out the store tour and grab your copy now!

You can now request Jackson Wang’s single 100 Ways to radio stations across America! Jackson was busy this week doing interviews on various stations from his hotel bathroom with perfect lighting. We love watching Jackson make history, just like he always says he will. Make sure to call your local radio station and request to hear 100 Ways!

Our dancing King, Yugyeom, shared a practice video on his Instagram and he brought the heat. I know I’m not the only one that wishes we could get another season of him on Hit the Stage. Here’s hoping!

Mark made his first appearance on Super Idol League. He’ll do a total of eight live-streams competing in the game PUBG. Ten lucky viewers in the first stream won signed Polaroid selfies that Mark (and Milo!) took during the live. Keep an eye out for his next stream!

On Sunday night (KST), BamBam tweeted that he couldn’t sleep and asked IGOT7 to talk with him. Ask and you shall receive, Double B! He shared that he has a lot on his mind and that he really needed the fans in that moment. He later tweeted that all of the messages made him feel better and he’ll continue to stay strong. We got you, BamBam!

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We’ve been getting daily updates from Youngjae and I hope they keep coming! He’s been busy co-hosting Idol Radio with DAY6’s Young K and he’s amazing every episode. Catch up on all the recent episodes here!

That’s just a little peak of what def. showed us this week. I’m loving the new ‘do.

Since the members are busy with their individual schedules, don’t forget there’s a ton of content you can dive into when you miss seeing them together. I recommend starting with all 2.5 seasons of Hard Carry. See you next week!

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