Get Shorty S:2 | Pest Control E:2 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

Thelma Mbaezue-Daniel & Tenera Williams host Get Shorty After Show. Pest Control is the name of this episode, and the theme of the game. As Amara’s crew tries to sniff out the rat, Rick is caught between exposing himself or lying to live another day. Shockingly Miles and April take their relationship to the next level, and Katie wants full custody of Emma?! There’s so much drama packed into this episode but Louis & Gladys getting married takes the cake. Join us as we digest this episode of Get Shorty.

Working as muscle for a murderous Nevada crime ring can be hard, so lo and behold Miles Daly has decided to change professions and become a Hollywood movie producer. We’re in hollywood too, so that means we’re gonna talk about Get Shorty on the GET SHORTY AFTER SHOW! Stay tuned week to week for episode breakdowns, insider know-how straight for Hollywood, juicy news and gossip, and potential special guest interviews!

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