From Loss to Love, Amber Mark is Generous with Musical Honesty

SOULtry Amber Mark has Dawn Richard’s creativity, Erykah Badu’s honesty and Sade’s sophistication in Afterbuzz TV’s latest Quarantine Music Discoveries

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April 27th, 2020 8:10pm pst

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Afterbuzz Quarantine Music Discoveries: Amber Mark

Once in a while you stumble upon an artist and things just click. There is a connection, a deep understanding, a vibe, some might say. We had such a moment this week for our continued series, Quarantine Music Discoveries. This time, however, things felt different. They felt visceral, tangible even. We really feel like we hit the mark with this one. 


If you are someone who enjoys the sophisticated talent of Sade, the creativity of Dawn Richard anf the musical honesty of Erykah Badu, then our latest selection, Amber Mark, should definitely be on your radar.

Grammy Nominated Amber Mark’s journey to the top of the billboard charts has been peppered with moments of the human condition. There have been some amazing and devastating moments that have played themselves out for this young talent. Though it is never easy living your life’s ups and downs in the public eye, it can make for some truly inspiring music.

So, this week, we’d like to take the time to highlight some of those best musical moments for this young and rising star. Amber Mark has proven she has the talent and drive for longevity in the music industry. So we’d like to spotlight her in our latest edition of Afterbuzz Quarantine Music Debut Series with a top ten of her best songs. Per usual, we’ve included a Spotify playlist to compliment this article, available HERE. With that said, let the countdown begin.

  1. Amber Mark “Lose My Cool.” 3:33am. 2017


Amber spent a great deal of her childhood traveling the world with her late mother. From places like New York, Berlin to Miami, the world was their playground. As we have mentioned, and will likely mention again, Amber’s mother passed away.  Her mother’s legacy lives on in Amber’s music. That was made evident from her first EP 3:33am. Though this moment in her life was devastating, music became her muse. Amber continued to uplift, despite her personal circumstances. In an interview with i-D, Amber says, “I didn’t want it to be a depressing EP. I wanted it to uplift people who had gone through [losing someone].” For that reason, we felt it most important to include “Lose My Cool” from that EP.

Amber continues, “‘Lose My Cool’ is the second track on my EP dedicated to a stage in the grieving process. This track represents anger. I really bottled a lot up after my mother passed and one day I couldn’t handle it anymore and just exploded on all of my friends and family. It was a very passive way of dealing with things, not very healthy.”

  1. Amber Mark “All the Work.” Conexão-EP. 2018


This EP, for us, was a massive step in maturity for the young singer. Stepping into adulthood, Conexão-EP acted as a platform in the next stage of Amber’s life. In an interview with Billboard, she goes into greater detail on her own personal maturity in regard to this EP. Amber says:

“Conexão means connection in Portuguese. First of all, one of the songs on the EP is called Conexão. After I wrote 3:33am I was trying to figure out what I was gonna do next. I had already been writing about love. I was very against writing about love, but time passed, and that’s what I was feeling. I started writing about relationships I was going through. When I was writing I always wanted to do a Bossa nova inspired track. In writing, it fit with the Bossa nova genre. That’s the reason for Conexão — because it depicted the whole project.”

  1. DJDS, Amber Mark, Vory “I Get By.” Big Wave More Fire. 2018
  2. Amber Mark “S P A C E.” 3:33am. 2017
  1. Amber Mark “What If.” What If [Single]. 2019

Credit: Amber Mark’s Instagram

  1. Amber Mark, DRAM “Put You On.” Put You On [Single]. 2018

Nothing screams young love like this song. It is sure to put a smile on your face. With crazy, sexy, and cool New York City vibes, we love 2018’s “Put You On.” We picture ourselves perched outside the neighborhood ice cream truck, our childhood crush in toe, and “Put You On” is the background music as it has all the nostalgic vibes.

This song also finds a perfect balance with maturity as well. Almost speaking to her past childhood crush, Amber takes on a more adult tone as the song progresses. She reinforces she hasn’t forgotten where she came from, primarily New York City. Amber notes though she and her past crush may have grown apart, the love and admiration is still present. She speaks to this point with lyrics like:

I ain’t seen you in a while

Damn girl, it’s been a long time

I ain’t seen you in a while

But you’re looking real good, I’m digging your style…

I know we don’t speak

But you’re still on my feed

Every time that you post

And I’m liking what I see

It’s been a while 

But I’m still like before

Only thing that’s been changed

Is my money and my clothes

Boy, let me put you on, show you my glow up

I wanna see your face, you should come pull up

Oh, let me put you on, I want something more

Maybe this time you’re what I’m looking for

Who knows, maybe this song is the one to connect you to your long lost childhood crush? You know, the one you are DEFINITELY NOT stalking from a private Instagram account that no one knows about except your best friend. 

  1. Amber Mark “1894.” 1894. [2020]

Released literally today. “1894” is Amber Mark’s latest attempt. It delivers. Relying on a heavy piano and almost militant vibe. This is the third official single from her ongoing “Covered-19” Series. This is a two week release from the singer herself. Self filmed, self produced, self edited and self released, this “Covered-19” Series is Amber’s incredibly successful attempt in creating new and innovative material for her fans, during quarantine. 

Often dawned in robes, face masks or whatever is available within the confines of her New York apartment, Amber delivers in a creative way. In a statement to, she says, “For me, making music in the Covid-19 quarantine has probably been the only positive to come out of a tragedy like this. All the pressure I normally feel when working on music is lifted. People get to really see you in your most bare state and vice versa.”

We are simply falling in love with the “bare state” of creativity you are providing. Don’t believe us? Take a look at her latest release “1894” below.

  1. Amber Mark “Generous.” Generous [Single]. 2020

Credit: Amber Mark’s Instagram

Very rarely do we do this, so you know it’s important. Before we provide our commentary, let’s just take a look at the lyrics so we know what we’re getting into:

Tonight I’m feeling generous

You’re always catering to me 

So let me put you first

Yeah I got fifty thousand ways

To make your eyes roll back

Have you talking to yourself 

Like how she ride like that

Pop another Perignon I’m feeling generous

You look so good 

you make me wanna throw a million ones

Yeah I got fifty thousand ways 

to make your eyes roll back

Have you talking to yourself 

like how she ride like that yeah

So now the mood has been set, let’s take a look at the choreography before we continue with our commentary. We found a behind the scene dance rehearsal for the song “Generous.” Take a look…

Credit: Amber Mark’s Instagram

Taking our spot at number three, we feel like this song speaks for itself. So, no commentary needed. However, we will say this — the world can be a selfish place, remember, be generous. 

  1. Amber Mark “Love is Stronger Than Pride.” Conexão-EP. 2018

Ok, now all you true music scholars out there should know this, this song is actually a cover. Originally sung by the queen of smooth jams, Sade. “Love is Stronger Than Pride” was originally released back in 1988, well before Amber was born. Unlike many others of her generation, the cover of this song has an interesting story. 

Understanding the gravity of musical importance of the original “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” had on the music community, Amber felt it best she get permission to cover this song. So she did just that. In a handwritten note, Amber requested permission from Sade herself to redo this cult classic. Sade approved by saying, “I recognize a musical torch bearer when I hear one.” Now THAT is how you get permission to cover a song.

1.Amber Mark, Mia Mark “Monsoon.” 3:33am. 2017

As we noted, Amber Mark lost her mother. We chose this song to take the top spot because it bears the whole experience of loss in its four and a half minutes, which is no easy feat. We will warn you, grab some tissues before watching the video below knowing this song, “Monsoon” is in dedication to Mia Mark, Amber’s late mother. 

Literally singing through the stages of grief, this is a heavy song. Dealing with loss, as we noted, is never an easy thing. Somehow, Amber manages to find hope and shares that hope with listeners. 

In an interview and article written by Mathew Schnipper for PITCHfork, Amber described what she hopes to convey in this sad yet uplifting song. She says:

“You know the melancholy feeling you get when you watch the end of a movie — but there is hope? I wanted that feeling in “Monsoon”… you know I’m still sad. I still miss my mom everyday. But I’m not on the floor crying… I want people to know there that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Credit: Amber Mark’s Twitter

While an ultimately sad topic, it is something we all must face. Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be devastating.  While not easy, we love the realness of Amber Mark’s words in this song. She sings:

Look at you in bed, you’re hardly breathin’

I knew it was gonna end this way

I said it all the time, but you said that you were fine

And now you wonder why, and why you

I tried my best to make you check it out, huh?

I cried so much it burnt my eyes, I begged every day

But all the stubborn things you do

I must’ve gotten that from you

Now there’s nothing they can do, and why you?

I wished that there was somethin’ I’d done more

Knocked you out and dragged you there myself

Maybe then you’d be here, you’d be here

Tuck my things we’ve grown up to

And how much I love you every way

But you’re not here, and with all my tears

It feels like Monsoon every day


We can only imagine the hurt and pain Amber went through during this time in her life. We are glad, however, she chose to turn this devastating moment into something truly beautiful and breathtaking. Amber Mark, we applaud you as you continue to navigate life. Thank you for your gift to the world as you are definitely an artist that will be on our radar for years to come. 

Lastly, again, we’ve provided a Spotify playlist available HERE. Per usual, we’ve thrown some extra Amber Mark songs in the playlist beyond the ten listed to keep the love for her going.

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