London’s Sinead Harnett Has Lauryn Hill’s Lyricism, Jhené Aiko’s Electronic Sound, Aaliyah’s Sultriness & Jessie J’s Vocal Runs in Afterbuzz Quarantine Debut!

Written by: James Maple – April 17th, 2020 10:44pm pst


With the limitations of our new reality settling in, it has become more difficult to find daily musical stimulation. Rest assured, we at Afterbuzz TV have arrived with a series of weekly musical artists that will surely tickle your fancy. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite indie artists that may not be on your radar and chosen their top ten songs to help ease your musical woes. In addition to that, we’ve linked a complimentary Spotify playlist HERE.

To kick things off we are going to be traveling across the pond. Start calling your French fries ‘chips’ and put some money on your Oyster card because we are heading to the UK to discuss a neo soul artist hailing from Finchley, London. If you are a fan of the lyricism of Lauryn Hill, the electro blues of Jhené Aiko, the sultriness of Aaliyah and the unparalleled runs of Jessie J, then Sinead Harnett is for you.

Many of you have actually heard Sinead Harnett sing before and probably didn’t even know it.  Sinead has been making waves in the music industry for nearly ten years now. Gaining her first international prominence from the 2012 Disclosure track called “Boiling” on their EP The Face. Her career has been boiling hot ever since. 

With a new album, Lessons in Love, released recently in 2019 and a healthy roster of singles, features and EPs, we have plenty of source material to choose from. To jump start this top ten let’s begin where it all started. Circling back to the aforementioned track “Boiling,” this Disclosure feature is a perfect place for our list to begin:

  1. Disclosure ft. Sinead Harnett. “Boiling.” The Face. 2012

As we noted this was the start of it all. Piggybacking on the then new success of Disclosure, Sinead sings all vocals of this song. Captivating the listener, her voice seems to be laced into the heavy keyboard and trippy bass of this track. We recommend this future garage song for its synth heavy vibe as you take your first steps into the musical world of Sinead Harnett.

  1. Sinead Harnett ft. Snakeships. “No Other Way.” N.O.W. 2014

  1. Sinead Harnett. “Rather Be with You.” Sinead Harnett. 2016

This playful track has a nostalgic feel to it. Making us think of being kids and fawning over our schoolyard crush. This up-tempo song is sure to put a smile on your face with lyrics like “You only have to say, I’d rather be with you. When I look into his eyes and I realize. I’d rather be you. Though I try and trick myself, there’s nobody else. I’d rather be with you.”

  1. Sinead Harnett. “She Ain’t Me.” She Ain’t Me. 2015
  1. Sinead Harnett. “By Myself.” Lessons in Love. 2019

  1. Sinead Harnett. “Don’t Waste My Time.” Chapter One. 2017

No list would be complete without a proper love/hate song. Written by Sinead herself, “Don’t Waste My Time” is a stand out track for its basic and straightforward message. It’s light and airy harp introduction is the perfect juxtaposition to the callous tone of this song. With lyrics like “What is it about my mind? Craving things I can’t define. Overthinking and it shows. Don’t want you to go. Don’t waste my time. You think I’m blind. Don’t waste my time. You’re still not mine.” This reminds us of that significant other that we can’t stand, yet we can’t get enough of. You know who you are.

  1. Rudimental ft. Sinead Harnett & Will Heard. “Treading on Water” We the Generation [Deluxe Edition]. 2015

      3. Sinead Harnett. “Lessons.” Lessons in Love. 2019

Another song written by Sinead herself, this song is very special to us.  A minimalist guitar anchors this song so Sinead’s beautiful voice and lyricism can really shine through. Keeping Sinead vocals front and center, so as not to muddy the already unpredictable waters of love, Sinead talked about her choice to keep this song simple. She says:

“I write songs about love… love’s complications, challenges, disappointments, discoveries, at times its rewards, but most of all — loves lessons. When I wrote this song I was about to give [love] another try, but I was petrified that in the end, love would leave me again, with nothing to show for whatever it wanted to teach me. Like most of us, my heart has broken a bunch of times, and quite frankly — I’m tired of lessons. So, if you feel me on that, this one’s for you.”

  1. Sinead Harnett. “Body – A COLORS SHOW.” Body – A COLORS SHOW. 2019

Not to be confused with the 2018 “Body” single, of the same name, this remastering is a live version performed on A COLORS SHOW. This version was done so well that it was rereleased a year later in 2019 as a secondary stand alone single. Because of the vocal runs of Sinead in this release, it’s the better of the two versions in our opinion.

With sultry lyrics and production done by long-term collaborator, friend and fellow Londoner GRADES, it’s no wonder this track lands the number two spot. “Body” sings to the power of love and all of its complexities. This song is all about giving all of yourself to someone with lyrics like “I’ll give you my body. Just don’t tell nobody. I’ll give you my body. Cause being without you is impossible. I’d rather be with you than be vulnerable…” The song continues …

  1. Sinead Harnett, Grades. “If You Let Me.” Lessons in Love. 2019

Technically released way back in 2016 as a solo single. This song was not changed at all but was such a hit that Sinead had to add it to her full released album, “Lessons in Love,” three years later. 

This song takes the top spot because of its execution.  Sang beautifully, Sinead dips into lust and love. She sings with such confident prowess, that even the most indifferent recipient of her affection would be left dumbfounded. With lyrics like “I’ve gotta be strong now. I’ve gotta show you how. I’ll love you like I’ve never ever loved somebody. I’ll give you things you didn’t even know you wanted. Don’t tell me that it’s not enough, our time is up, you’re over us. ‘Cause I think I might do anything for you. If you just let me.” To which we replied, “Umm… [nervously] ok.”

With over 10 million views and over 33 million streams of “If You Let Me,” it is no wonder we love this song. Clearly, we are not alone.

As an added bonus we found an incredible acapella version of Sinead Harnett covering the late Aaliyah’s 1994 song called “(At Your Best) You are Love” on BBC Radio: One Extra that we HAD to include. Check that out below.

This entire playlist can be found on Spotify HERE. Plus, we’ve included some extra songs to keep you jamming beyond the ten songs we’ve selected. Did we miss any of your favorite Sinead songs? What other collaborations has Sinead Harnett done that you’ve enjoyed? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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James Maple is a LA based TV Host with a passion for music, interviews and outer space. A comedian at heart, James believes laughter, communication and a good 90s jam is a remedy for anything. You can follow him @terrelljamesmaple.

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