FOX’s Masked Singer Winner Kandi Burruss Insecure All Season

Kandi Burruss, first female winner of Fox’s The Masked Singer, talks BIG insecurity and why she chose the disguise that gave her the crown this season.

James Maple

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May 26th, 2020 1:56pm pst

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ABTV Masked Singer Fan Theories: Kandi Burruss Crowned Winner

One unwritten rule of adulthood is to never use the phrase, “We told you so,” unless absolutely necessary. The phrase itself carries some weight to it and draws a competitive spirit. It implies that there is someone who is more correct, than the other. With the events of the season finale to Fox’s The Masked Singer crowning someone who we not only predicted correctly but also won the show, we felt the need to break some rules…

We’re obviously going to say it, prepare yourself… “WE TOLD YOU SO!” Afterbuzz TV’s James Maple has been predicting the celebs behind the masks and the voices of The Masked Singer Season 3 for months and this one was correct. Congratulations to The Night Angel, who was revealed to be Kandi Burrus, for becoming the winner and first ever female winner of The Masked Singer.

Take a look at the BIG REVEAL!

Now we previously took note of some of the clues we’ve been given thus far regarding this season’s winner. If you need a refresher, take a look at our breakdown below or our article HERE.

The finale episode had its ups and downs. The other big reveal of the night was another prediction we got correct, The Turtle. Though this was a bit of a tough guess, we were correct in guessing Jesse McCartney as the Turtle. Check out our coverage and breakdown of that HERE. The night was full of twists and turns but our focus is on the winner, Kandi Burrus. 


Though this was a massive win for Kandi, this night did come with its share of hardships. Believe it or not, during this entire competition Kandi was incredibly insecure about the most important aspect of her performance, her voice. In a follow up interview posted to her YouTube page HERE, Kandi goes into detail about how she felt the need to prove that she can actually sing. She says:

“It’s been an ongoing thing, in the last few years. I’ve seen people make comments… People saying ‘she can’t sing.’ For real, for real. Y’all don’t really hear me sing. I stopped really singing in front of people except when I had to do the XSCAPE situation [tour] and on the Dungeon Tour, I did some performances. I haven’t been dropping a lot of music. That’s something I really want to change, get back to putting out music and writing more songs for other people, putting out my own stuff for myself. I feel like doing this show is kind of like a doorway into that.”


Despite the massive success of Kandi, many don’t know her past career in music. From songwriting for artists like TLC (“No Scrubs”) and Destiny’s Child (“Bills, Bills, Bills”) to singing in groups like XSCAPE to her solo work, Kandi has had quite the career. Though music was put on hold for good reason, Kandi ventured into other areas of stardom since putting down the microphone. Most know her as a staple on the infamous The Real Housewives of Atlanta series or her risqué after dark talk show Kandi Koated Nights.

Since The Masked Singer finale has officially aired we have also seen some information about options Kandi had before selecting The Night Angel as her disguise. While she could not go into details about what those other options were, likely due to contracts with Fox, The Night Angel was not Kandi’s first choice. 

In the same interview we mentioned above, Kandi also discusses why she chose The Night Angel, she says, “I feel like she’s beautiful. Purple is a beautiful color. I also loved the wings, you gotta love the wings. It gives you this Victoria’s Secret vibe… then she’s wearing pants. I definitely wanted to wear pants in this. I didn’t want to be in a skirt or dress. I wanted to be able to move if I needed to move.” We could not agree with you more, Kandi. Kandi was able to move and really make the stage her own this season to take home the crown, a small credit is due to pants for this. Thank you pants.

We certainly hope this positive experience has pushed Kandi to create more music in the future, be it for herself or writing for other artists. Negative thoughts and comments can be all consuming at times. Negatively even gets to winners and incredibly talented singers like Kandi herself. 


In her closing words after being crowned this season’s winner, Kandi gave us hope. She says, “I just really appreciate you guys for helping me build my confidence back up.” Thank you Kandi, for an incredible season, amazing weekly performances and for keeping us entertained. Congratulations on becoming the first female winner in the show’s history! 

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