Five Reasons Why You Need To Watch Legend Of Korra

Netflix does it again! Buckle up and get ready to head to Republic City as Legend of Korra will be released this August

Gunner Teixeira

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Posted On: July 24th, 2020 9:19 pm pst

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Netflix’s main objective this quarantine is to give all of its viewers as much to watch as possible. 

First, they gave its subscribers Avatar: The Last Airbender… and it was phenomenal! New fans of the series were born, old fans got to reminisce on one of the greatest series to have ever lived. 

But then, things started to settle down. People were used to the series being there and probably watched the whole thing in one weekend. 

Well, Netflix has done it again! Netflix announced that coming on August 14th Legend of Korra is coming to Netflix. You gotta deal with it! 

Now, in case you’re hesitant as to why you want to watch this masterpiece of a series, here are five reasons you all should binge Legend of Korra as soon as August 14th rolls around. 

You get to continue the story of Avatar 

Now I know, not everyone is a huge fan of sequels. Typically they water down shows or are a bit of a waste of time. But Legend of Korra is in a class all of its own because it isn’t a sequel series, it is a spin-off! That’s what makes it stand alone and create a new layer to this awesome world of Avatar. 

With LOK We get to see what happened after Aang’s time as the avatar passes. Did we want a sequel to the original series? Yes. But that’s besides the point- the concept of the Avatar being reborn into the next nation and continuing the cycle. 

We have a female Avatar as the main protagonist 

Avatar was always ahead of its time. The entire cast is based off of and represents Asian culture, along with being based off of Asian fighting styles. When the Avatar series was first created, this was a new concept. And now, legend of Korra took it a step further; they gave us a female Avatar!

Now, yes, we knew there had been female avatars before like Kyoushi. But we didn’t get to experience Kyoshi’s time as The Avatar.

Legend of Korra let’s the fans of Avatar dive into a new journey, centering around a girl who knew all she wanted was to be the Avatar. Who wants to be a hero.

We have LGBTQ representation

Another form of representation this show gives us, is the LGBTQ representation. Now, I don’t want to give too many spoilers but I’m just saying, when Legend of Korra drops make sure you’re paying attention. It’s all there. 

We have modern technology mixing with elemental bending

We already lived in a world of medieval-like times where there were not that many forms of technological advances in ATLA. But what if, we paired an ancient art of martial arts that could move the elements with modern technology?! What a concept!

My favorite part of LOK was the fact that they perfectly blended the word of ATLA and gave it a modern aesthetic with skyscrapers and cars. Sorry, Soto-mobiles. 

We dive even deeper into the world of Avatar and its history along with its mythology

Probably one of the most important reasons that LOK is a show we all need to binge on August 14 is for the world building this series gives us. We get an even deeper dive into the world of Avatar’s mythology and history!

We will travel back to the first Avatar! We are going to learn more about Aang’s journey as the avatar. We discover ancient cults and buried secrets resurface. Why aren’t you excited? Because I know I am. 

Legend of Korra is coming to Netflix August 14th, and you gotta deal with it! I know I’m excited, but what are you most excited for? Let me know on social media with #AfterbuzzTV 

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