Five Children’s Show Characters That Need Their Own Talk Show

With the announcement of the new Spongebob spin-off ‘The Patrick Star Show’ the iconic star fish might be joining a new trend in children’s programming which are talk shows! The first to do this is the Sesame Street character Elmo with the “Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo” on HBO Max. We wanted to make a list of five children’s show characters that we think deserve their own talk show.

Stanley Swerdlow

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Posted On: August 13th, 2020 3:39 pm pst

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Number One: Zoboomafoo

Some may not remember the charismatic lemur who from 1999-2001 learned about animals with the help of the Kratt Brothers on PBS, but he is a perfect character to have his own talk show. It could be a fun and interesting way for children to learn about animals. We’ve seen animal trainers on talk shows before, why not have them on a show hosted by an animal.

Number Two: Bloo

What better character to have a talk show than a conniving, attention seeking imaginary friend? With Bloo, he could interview plenty of imaginary friends (new or old). Let’s just hope he gives them a chance to speak.

Number Three: Grim

Would it be a spooky talk show? Yes. Would it be a great talk show? Yes. Grim could interview a wide variety of ghosts, goblins, and other kinds of monsters. Dracula could be the co-host and/or band leader?! We could also have Billy and Mandy keep trying to be on the show and end up always ruining it. It would be a talk show everyone could sink their teeth into…or at least with Dracula scrape their teeth into.

Number Four: Phineas and Ferb

While they had Take Two with Phineas and Ferb where they interviewed celebrities…the iconic duo could expand it to something even better. A talk show where they not only interview celebrities, but interview characters on the show and create new ones. They could have them join them on their crazy activities and be taken on a wild ride. Plus, is there not a better co-host than Ferb?


Number Five: True Jackson

A fashion based talk show with the VP of the Youth Apparel Division at Mad Style…YES PLEASE. This would be an incredibly fun talk show. True could talk about and  review current fashion (Fashion Police style) as well as interview people in the industry. Lulu could be the co-host, Ryan could be the band leader, and Max would be the perfect guest host. We just have to see if Keke Palmer is down…and we REALLY HOPE SO!!!! 

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