Famed Comic DeRay Davis DEFENDS Lori Loughlin, Felicty Huffman, and Jussie Smollett.

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In a shocking interview with Black Hollywood Live, DeRay Davis came out as #TeamLori in regards to her enormous bribe to leverage her daughter’s acceptance into USC. The controversial comic defended both Lori Loughlin and Felcitiy Huffman, offering“you can’t be mad at that woman for investing in the school she wants her daughter to go school. These women or men or whatever, their kids could have not been that smart in their mind and they’re like damn maybe they’ll fix it when they get to college. So you gonna not accept? I’m gonna not do whatever it takes to get my kids accepted? But we promise to do whatever it takes to make our kids happy? You got the money.”
And if that wasn’t enough drama, DeRay also shared his take on the biggest celebrity scandal of the year, the Jussie Smollett “hate crime.” Davis offered, “..I was disappointed that if this were a lie that that’s what he would say about my city, because we already go through enough. I don’t go to anybody’s city and disrespect anybody’s city EVER. It embodied all the negative about us. If he did it or not and got off, that’s none of my. I mean he got off. I been clear… I mean I done stole some stuff.”

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Jeff Graham

Jeff Graham


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