EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom’s Pastor Tea FIGHTS BACK Against Shen’s Allegations

Written by: Briana Phipps- October 31st, 2019 7:34am PT

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Teen Mom’s Pastor Tea is fighting back after Shen says she was a absent mother.

Needless to say, Pastor Tea is not happy after Shen dragged her in an interview on Monday. Now, she’s thinking Shen might have a mental disorder!

We were actually the first ones to inform Pastor Tea about what Shen said about her on Tuesday, making insinuations that Ashley was not raised by her mother and saying she only came back into the picture after Ashley booked the MTV gig. Pastor Tea literally thought we were joking when we told her what Shen said. She said she’s clueless where Shen is getting her information.

“I believe Shen has some kind of mental disorder. Shen is fifty years old, Shen doesn’t have anything going for herself,” said Pastor Tea. “Shen has moved that little girl all over this world, within the last three four years that little girl has been in three or four maybe five school districts. Moved to Ohio with a man that she just married just met, got the little girl calling him dad- I mean it’s, her own life is so terrible. And I can go on and on and on.”

She also had something to say on the fact Shen had said she quit the show.

“She was not asked to do the show, actually nobody wants to be bothered with Shen,” said Pastor Tea. “Here’s the thing, if I’m such a bad person and everything she says true about me why am I still here? Why is her son here right now?”

Pastor Tea insists despite her efforts she’s had no contact with Shen, and the tension between the two is nothing new, from the very beginning of the show have had a rough relationship and have never seen eye to eye, but she did let us know what she would say to Shen if she got the chance to come face to face with her.

“The only thing Shen can do is see me outside like I’ve said in my posts. See me outside and it ain’t gonna be no talking,” shared Pastor Tea. “At this point she’s physically attacked both of my children. And continues to make up the most vicious things about Ashley with no warning, with no warrant at all.”

However, Pastor Tea is taking the high road when it comes to her fans, thanking them for their support through this journey, saying her heart goes out to them.

“I would say, thank you for all of the support, because my heart just goes out to the fans.” she concludes, “So I would say to them if you love us love us the right way by supporting us, make sure that they are not bothering Shen, that they are not bothering any of the other moms or saying anything rude, or being disrespectful in their comments or anything.”

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