EXCLUSIVE: Love After Lockups’ Lizzie Breaks Up With Boyfriend

Written by: Michael Clouse – November 21st, 2019 5:40pm PT

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Lizzie Kommes and her boyfriend have called it quits, while Vincent has moved on to a new boo! 

Lizzie faced Love After Lockup head on, straight out of jail with sugar daddy Scott Davey right by her side. As we watched their cringe-worthy romance fall to pieces episode-by-episode, it was no surprise when the convict finally called it quits. 

She then moved on to Dru Pagel, from Wisconsin. Fans were happy to see Lizzie starting fresh with someone new off camera, but unfortunately that relationship has officially fizzled out.

We noticed Lizzie took down all of her pictures of them together from her Instagram page. After commenting on a photo asking if they broke up, the Love After Lockup star confirmed they did before saying they’re still friends. 

We’ll be sure to follow up and let you know what caused the split as soon as we can!

Meanwhile, Vincent is saying, Amber Eggers who?!” as we see him posted up with a new girlfriend.

The fan page, The Broke Housewife, first debuted the pictures of Vinny cuddled up and kissed up on a beautiful woman. And we found out who she is! Her name is Jerita Streater and she has a YouTube page supporting her title as a singer/songwriter. 

The couple seems pretty new but they’re already exchanging I love yous in a few videos and photos shared on her page. One in particular says “butterflies. I feel it coming. I got a rush like I’m running no longer lookin’ for something. Yes that’s him from the show on tv. I’m answering now cause I know you’ll ask again lol. #myothertaurus #iloveyou I’ll lose nights of sleep any day for you #myvinny”

It’s great to see Vincent find a genuine connection. He was searching high and low for it from Amber. Maybe he’s getting that sex three to four times a day he graciously shared with us a couple of days ago.

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