Exclusive Look Inside Hallmark’s New Film: Timeless Love

An exclusive look at Timeless Love starring Brant Daugherty and Rachel Skarsten premiering June 14th on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, plus their support of Black Lives Matter

Chelsie Overocker

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Posted On: June 11th, 2020 6:09pm pst

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These past couple of weeks have been heavy on all of our hearts, seeing our Country torn apart from inequality. 

But speaking as a biracial woman, I do see people spreading love. In Los Angeles over 20k were marching and fighting for our black communities. All races came together to protest, which gives me hope that change is coming.  

All of Hallmark Channel’s networks including; Home and Family and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries shared on their social media that they stand against racism. Hallmark expressed gratitude towards their black talent, employees, and customers. 

We’re also seeing celebrities use their platforms to spread awareness. They are sharing links to where you can donate, sign petitions, and are providing resources on where you can educate yourself. 

Brant Daughtery is one of the Hallmark stars using his platform to share useful links that will make a difference. On Blackout Tuesday he tweeted that he is donating to Black Lives Matter and encouraged his followers to do the same. 

He also expressed that he is committed to educating himself.

The black communities (myself included) appreciate Brant. He is already making a difference by spreading awareness and wanting to learn, and that’s the first step. 

He also shared a video that shows a crowd in LA, a sea of 20k people protesting in Hollywood this past weekend. 

“I Love LA #blacklivesmatter”

This is what standing up against racism, fighting for injustice, and making a difference looks like.Thank you Hallmark and Brant for being part of the change.

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Not only does Brant take action to do what’s right, but he also lifts our spirits up. This Sunday, he and Rachel Skarsten will be starring in Timeless Love, premiering June 14th, on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

The film is about a woman named Megan Murphy [Skarsten] who seems to have the perfect life. She has a loving husband named Thomas [Daughtery] and two adorable kids. But after waking up from a coma she discovers that Thomas and their two children were just a dream. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

While she is trying to get her feet back on the ground, she takes a temp job as a receptionist at a photography studio. She meets her boss (Thomas) who is not only the owner and photographer for the studio, but he’s the same guy she dreamt as her husband. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

As Megan is helping Thomas at the studio and tagging along during his shoots, she discovers that he also has the same characteristics that she dreamed about. 

They don’t immediately hit it off, whereThomas has doubts if Megan is the right fit for the job. But throughout the film he starts to see a different side of her. 

Timeless Love will teach us to give people second chances, and not judge someone right off the bat. Sometimes when you’re feeling lost, the person you are looking for might be right in front of you. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Rachel Skarsten is also supporting Black Lives Matter and chooses to stand by love.

“I stand for this. I stand with love.” 

She also shares a quote from “black magic woman” on her Instagram story. 

Credit: Rachel Skatsten’s Instagram

“I’m sure I don’t always get this right – but I do think it is the most wonderful principle to strive for everyday.” 

We appreciate Rachel wanting to strive to be the best version of herself and choosing to stand with black communities.

What Timeless Love and Black Lives Matter has taught me is life is fragile. It’s important to treat everyone with equality and respect. No matter what happens in life, be good to people. I believe being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.  

Be sure to grab some hot cocoa and watch Rachel Skarsten and Brant Daughtery light up the screen in  Timeless Love, airing 9pm EST June 14th, on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

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