Exclusive Interview W/ Radio & Media Star Jazzie Belle

Award-winning radio personality and entertainment journalist Jazzie Belle talks about how she created her own path in the industry by starting her own platform. Didn’t let Covid tear down her career which motivated her to start her own podcast ‘Inside Hollywood.’ Plus, sharing her journey on writing her new book ‘48 Bars of Power.’  

Chelsie Overocker

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Posted On: February 24th , 2021 12:01 pm pst

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Jazzie Belle Interview

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Award winning entertainment journalist Jazzie Belle sits down with Chelsie Overocker from House of Hallmark to discuss her podcast Inside Hollywood and her new book “48 Bars of Power” which highlights personal struggles Jazzie overcame in her life. Jazzie’s vibrant personality shines as she talks about her future plans of changing the media and dropping powerful gems on how to thrive as an entertainment journalist.  

Jazzie signs in on Zoom with a colorful bright background displayed behind her. Her energetic personality shines through the screen immediately. 


“Thank you so much Chelsie! Let’s do this!”

Yes, Let’s do this! First off, after reading your biography and how you created your path as an entertainment journalist. You not only inspired us but any young woman who is entering the industry and needing guidance on where to start.

“That was so beautiful. Thank you so much for saying that. That really does warm my heart because I have been looking out for my sister girls out there for real [laughs]. How I got into being a journalist was being from Detroit; I moved out of my hometown at a very early age. 19 years old. I went to New York in hopes of becoming a rapper. Sounds crazy right? [laughs] I wanted to rock the mic. I was in a group with my best friend who is still my best friend till this day. Unfortunately, things didn’t happen the way that we intended but the trajectory of my career just changed but I was still in love with hip-hop. So instead of busting the mic and busting flows I now interview some of my favorite rappers and some of my favorite celebrities.”

How did you start interviewing some of your favorite celebrities? 

“I asked my friend at the time who was a radio personality. I asked him if I can come up to his show and capitalize on his guests and do interviews on my own. It was something that I was really interested in.” Jazzie explains, “I started doing interviews in the hallway for a whole year! A lot of people don’t know that and I’ll never forget my friend at the time he told me, ‘I will allow you to come up here to do your thing but I can’t force my guests to speak with you. You have to get these interviews on your own.’ I was like okay. So every time they come out I’m like can you do an interview with me? I started a little show called Jazzie Belle TV. It was just a quick little blog and again I did that for a year.” 

What a humbling experience! We like how you are candid about interviewing stars in a hallway for a year before you got your big break.

Once Jazzie started her own platform she explains how  that opened up the door to other opportunities.

“After that an opportunity opened for him to have a co-host and he asked me to be a co-host for his show. I want to say from there the rest is history but that’s how I got my start in the media game and being a journalist was because I created my own platform.” 

Thanks for sharing. It’s important for a lot of aspiring journalists to know how important it is to start creating your own content because your voice alone will add something unique to the current media. 

Not only starting her own platform helped her advance as a journalist but helped Jazzie overcome Covid when it started almost a year ago.

“I didn’t want to be one of those people to have Covid kick me in the ass that way. I was like you want to fight? Let’s go. I’m down for a battle. [laughs] With that I created Inside Hollywood because some of the people I met on these red carpets and press junkets I became friends with them. I built a relationship. I was like ‘hey, I’m creating this show. It’s going to live on IGTV. Do you want to go on Instagram live with me? Let’s just talk to the people.’ Right now everyone is so discouraged because of what’s happening.” 

What a great show to create. A lot of artists and people who aren’t even in the entertainment industry are facing hardships with Covid. It’s very encouraging to hear how other people surpassed difficult times in their lives. 

Tell us more about Inside Hollywood and what you have learned so far from this podcast. 

“The premise of the show is to tell your story of how you went from hardship to Hollywood. In hopes to inspire the people out here to keep going and to never give up. Even though it’s a pandemic. I still have this show and I’m interviewing amazing people and being asked about the rising stars..all because of something I created when the lockdown happened. So I say to tell people don’t get discouraged. There’s still room for you to grow. There’s still room to create. There’s still room for you to do what you love without going down that deep dark of discouragement and depression. I was almost there and I refused to so I’ve been sharing this in hopes that it would inspire people to not give up.”

You set the example of not giving up and explain difficult situations you faced professionally and personally in your new book coming out called “48 Bars of Power”. 

“I wrote it for women like yourself so I hope you do read it. I’m sure you’re gonna love it. “48 Bars of Power” is about telling stories. My stories of 48 of my favorite hip-hop bars from my favorite female rappers that inspired me growing up. Especially when I was struggling with things like self-esteem and confidence issues. Loving relationships and when I say loving relationships I mean yes love as in couples but also relationships like friendships. Family, all of that. Also the third part of my book deals with faith and spirituality if you struggle with that. Or if you can tell the story on how your faith helped you and push you through some of the worst adversities in your life. I tell personal stories to match those bars.” 

We love how you have different chapters that represent different stages you have experienced and how you were able to find your self-confidence. 

“Being confident isn’t something that you just conquered at a certain age in your life. I am in my thirties and I still every day have to look in the mirror and be like you got this. You’re supposed to be here. So when Lauren Hill says ‘don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gym.’ You are a gym. You are a jewel. You are special. Go out there and let them know. Show your worth.” 

Great advice. Society has integrated a timeline that we should have everything together and be self-assured before we hit our thirties. But life is always unpredictable that sometimes the best we can do for ourselves is show up and keep moving forward. 

We are looking forward to reading your book. When will it be available?

“It was supposed to come out the same month that my mom passed. So I put a hold on the book and it’s been a year. But it’s one of those things that I had a difficult time revisiting. I’m being very honest with you and candid. It’s coming, I have the book here. It’s done. It’s completed as far as I’m concerned but I want to go back and make some changes.”

We can’t wait! Keep us updated as we know you will be dropping some life changing gems. 

In your book you’re a great advocate for someone who is facing struggles with either their career or relationship. Behind every inspiring voice they also have mentors who helped guide them during difficult stages of their life. Who did you look up to when you were facing your own hardships?

“Oprah, Wendy Williams of course. Queen Latifah I adore her. Not just her music but she was a talk show host at one point as well and I would love to see her host and see her on the mic at any dynamic. She’s just so brilliant to me. Ananda Lewis women like her. Free again from 106 & Park I was a fan of hers coming up. Those women prior to me definitely laid it down and I just really remember looking up to them.” 

Those women are the definition of women empowerment. Great role models to lean onto. 

Thank you Jazzie for joining us on the House of Hallmark and sharing with us your incredible story of creating your own platform and creating your own path as an entertainment journalist. 

Be sure you all follow Jazzie on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube @JazzieBelleTV for updates on when “48 Bars of Power” will be released. Plus, check out Inside Hollywood to hear how some of your favorite celebrities overcome hardships in their lives. 

You can watch the full interview here: 


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