EXCLUSIVE: Ex On The Beach Cast Shares Details of Secret Reunion Fight

Written by: Rachel Goodman – October 30th, 2019 11:15pm PT

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Devin Walker might have walked away with Anthony Martin’s ex, Shannon Duffy, on the Ex On the Beach finale, but things got even crazier during the reunion show. Anthony spilled all with AfterBuzz TV hosts about a secret fight that happened off stage with Devin.

“People were like, you were so quiet, you were so quiet the whole season, right?” Anthony told AfterBuzz TV. “I was tired of hearing that sh*t, so I was like, alright, reunion time, I’m gonna turn sh*t up, and I did.”

Anthony went on to explain that he’d actually had a very close friendship with Devin they didn’t mention on the show. The two had been so close they’d even agreed not to date each other’s ex’s and verbally adhered to a “code.” Of course, Devin would go on to break this by dating Anthony’s ex, Shannon, and things have been rocky for their friendship ever since.

What really triggered Anthony, however, was watching Devin brag backstage about a chart he created specifically to demonstrate that Marie would never be more than a level six to him. That is, per his chart, a friend with benefits. Anthony said this made him so angry that he asked Devin not to use it after the way he’d hurt Marie.

“I told him, I was like, ‘Shut the f*** up,’” Anthony relayed. “That sh*t hurt her, killed her already once during the season. Why bring that sh*t up again? And then he’s like, ‘What’d you say?’”

Anthony then said after he stood up for Marie, the cast was in the middle of a mic check when Devin brushed by him and announced he’d see Anthony after the show, implying there’d be a fight. Anthony told Devin to come back and say the same thing again to his face at which point Anthony took Devin and threw him against the wall.

“He chills there, six security guards, they’re like f**king 300 pounds, they scoop my a** up,” Anthony added. “I was just swinging, hanging there. But he [Devin], but he didn’t like get back up, but he didn’t like get back up and come back towards me until he saw there was, like, other people coming back in.”

Eventually, after security stepped in, things calmed down between Devin and Anthony, but they had Anthony isolated in a room with cameras following him. To make matters worse, Shannon came into the place where they were holding Anthony and then blamed him for starting a fight.

“I was like, ‘You’re kind of the cause of this. So don’t get in it,’” Anthony said. Shannon then went off and ended up back with Devin which made Anthony even angrier.

During the reunion show itself, Devin ended up displaying his “chart.” Anthony officially professed his love for Shannon, and we were left with a very ambiguous answer to the state of their relationship. At least now we have a little more context with some of what went down between Anthony and Devin behind the scenes.

For more, be sure to check out the AfterBuzz TV special two-hour after show where they also interviewed Cameron, Cara, Emily, Coffey, Tevin, Alexis and Danielle.

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