EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’s’ Sarah Beth on Her Eviction: ‘There’s going to be quite a few people who really are going to regret getting rid of me’

Sarah Beth is revealing who she thinks is in The Cookout and who is going to regret evicting her the most in her exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV.

Meagan Lynn

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Posted On: September 3rd, 2021 2:57 pm pst

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Sarah Beth Interview

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Following her bold move of evicting “America’s boy” Derek X, Big Brother’s Sarah Beth Steagall is facing the aftermath of her own eviction from the Season 23 house. The 27-year-old forensic scientist was sent home after being nominated twice in one week next to her number one ally Kyland–first by Tiffany, then by secret Head of Household Claire.

In her goodbye messages, Kyland revealed to Sarah Beth there’s a secret alliance running the house. Now Sarah Beth is piecing together who’s in that alliance and more in her exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV below: 

AFTERBUZZ: Who do you think is in the secret alliance with Kyland?

SARAH BETH: Azah mentioned that one of the reasons she had to evict me this week was for a mission that was special to her, and then there were also several things that Kyland said to me in the house about how who he would end up picking if he made final two would be important for his career and his image. And so having all of that information now, I’m pretty sure that Kyland and Azah are working together in an alliance whose goal is to make BB23 the first season with a Black winner, which I completely understand why that would be very important to both of them, and I also think it would be pretty cool. So I’m pretty confident that’s what’s going on; I think that it involves Kyland, Azah and Xavier for sure and then possibly more, but I feel really good about those three.

AFTERBUZZ: Do you think hiding your career was beneficial for your game? Why or why not?

SARAH BETH: I think initially it was good for my game. In those early weeks, people can use anything against you to try and target you because there are so many people and the game is moving fast, and we don’t have a lot of reasons often in those early weeks to target people. And also, I had to make that decision before I knew anything about the game because I recorded the videos for the slot machine when we were picking teams before ever knowing that there were going to be teams or meeting a single person in the house. So I was forced to make that decision before I had any information about what the season was going to look like, so I stand by the decision that I made to ultimately hide it. I do see what Kyland tried to tell me this past week, which is that as the game went on, people could tell that I was hiding something. People could tell that I was maybe more intelligent than I had let on at the beginning, and that did make people suspicious of me, which I do think ultimately led to the distrust that made people less willing to work with me.

AFTERBUZZ: If you had played and won the Coin of Destiny this week, what would you have done with the secret HOH?

SARAH BETH: If I had won the Coin of Destiny, I definitely would not have put me and Kyland back on the block. I probably would’ve put up Alyssa and Azah because I think that would have given me a good chance of sending either Alyssa or Xavier home with the information that I had at the time.

AFTERBUZZ: You said in your final speech before eviction that some people might come to regret voting to evict you. Who do you think those people are and why?

SARAH BETH: When I said that I was just throwing a Hail Mary. It was an empty threat that I just thought would maybe, maybe, maybe work. But now that I know there’s a secret alliance, I feel pretty confident there’s going to be quite a few people who really are going to regret getting rid of me, so that makes me feel a little bit better about it. I definitely think Claire and Alyssa are both going to be those people.

AFTERBUZZ: If you could give Kyland any advice moving forward in this game, what would you tell him? 

SARAH BETH: It’s hard for me to not compare Kyland’s game to Xavier because I think they’re both in the secret alliance, but I can see clearly that Xavier has better connections with other people in the house. And I think part of that is that people are really drawn to how chill Xavier is and how lowkey he is, whereas I think Kyland tends to be a little more flashy and I think he can come off very, very overconfident and that rubs people the wrong way. So my best advice to Kyland at this point would be to try to take a page from X’s book; be a little bit more humble, be a little more down to earth, and maybe even try to lay low just a little bit more, especially now that I know he has an alliance that he can work with and rely on. He doesn’t need to be going so hard possibly for these competitions and being so competitive and outwardly showing his cards to people in that way. That would be my advice to him.

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