EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’s’ Derek X On Sarah Beth: ‘I can’t wait to see her in jury’

After earning many BB Bucks and seemingly claiming the title of “America’s Favorite Player” before the game is even over, Derek X revealed to AfterBuzz TV what went wrong in his campaign to stay and who he wants to see Hannah work with now in his exclusive interview.

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Posted On: August 27th, 2021 3:53 pm pst

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Derek X Interview

Credit: CBS

The Veto King and Lord of the Latrine has officially been dethroned: Derek Xiao was sent packing for jury from the Big Brother house during the live eviction Thursday night. After Xavier took himself off the block with the Power of Veto, HOH Sarah Beth seized the opportunity to backdoor Derke X and the house voted in agreement with her plan–minus his number one ally, Hannah, and Kyland who voted to keep him.

After earning many BB Bucks and seemingly claiming the title of “America’s Favorite Player” before the game is even over, Derek X revealed to AfterBuzz TV what went wrong in his campaign to stay and who he wants to see Hannah work with now in his exclusive interview below:

AFTERBUZZ: Why don’t you think the campaigning worked?

DEREK X: Okay, so I have two possible theories. One, just based off of the goodbye message that Kyland gave me, it sounds like there is a side of the house that I’m not seeing. So potentially some of the people that I was trying to campaign for votes from are part of that side of the house. I was completely missing that, so in my campaigning I didn’t calculate that in. And to me, it looked like I was giving them a pitch that was convincing, but maybe with the full story, on their side of the house their narrative looks different, so that would make sense. But also based on my conversations with Big D and with Azah, they’re trying to play floater games which, you know, you can’t fault anyone for that. I think it is a good game–clearly they made it farther than me. And I think they were scared to show allegiance to any one side of the house. So for their specific game that they were trying to play, maybe this was actually the best move for them. Who knows?

AFTERBUZZ: Do you think that offering to betray your number one ally by telling Sarah Beth to put up Hannah instead of you made you untrustworthy to Sarah Beth?

DEREK X: That was so tough. So clearly that was like a Hail Mary and for everyone listening, reading, watching, Hannah was on board with this. It was her idea. I was not throwing her under the bus. I would not play a game that evil. So yes, Hannah did tell me that later Sarah Beth told her that in Sarah Beth’s head that made me untrustworthy, but SB was already planning on backdooring me. Alyssa told me that from the start of the week, Sarah Beth was telling her that I was the target, so that honestly didn’t change anything. Sarah Beth in that conversation with Hannah was probably trying to hedge her bets and gain trust with Hannah. Look, SB is playing a very manipulative game right now, and I can’t wait to see her in jury.

AFTERBUZZ: Do you think putting Sarah Beth on the block during your HOH was a good choice? Why or why not?

DEREK X: That is a good question. Okay, so let’s put ourselves back in the moment when we still have The Royal Flush. No one had taken any shots yet, but I knew that I wanted someone to go home and I was pretty sure I wanted it to be a Christian. Now, I knew that Christian had to be a back door, but in that moment, you can never guarantee that backdoor will go according to plan. But I wanted to guarantee that a King would go home, and the only way that I could guarantee that is by making sure a King was already on the block. Sarah Beth, maybe I should have tried–I don’t know, because in a different world, maybe Christian could have played in the veto, won and taken himself off the block, and then I wasted my HOH week taking out a Joker. I don’t think I have any regrets with the way that I did that nomination.

AFTERBUZZ: Do you think you would have had a better chance this week if you hadn’t evicted Christian and he were still in the house?

DEREK X: No. If I hadn’t evicted Christian, then we just flip who was competing in this week’s HOH and it would have been Sarah Beth or Christian, and I think Christian honestly could have done better than Sarah Beth in this comp. This is his comp: balance, speed, agility. And if I had evicted Sarah Beth in week five, then in this week, I think Christian easily would have looked at either me or Kyland. So maybe it would have given me slightly better odds, but then Christian would just keep winning whereas Sarah Beth, I almost beat her out in a split second.

AFTERBUZZ: Who do you think Hannah should be working with moving forward in the house and why?

DEREK X: Hannah is in the best spot in this house. This girl needs to start winning comps so that she builds up a resume and doesn’t just get to a final two and place second. Right now she’s perfectly positioned. When I was leaving, I knew that I was probably gonna go home, so my only ask for other people in the house was to look after Hannah. Xavier is looking after Hannah; Kyland’s got Hannah’s back, so does Alyssa. Tiffany and Claire, they’re looking after Hannah, too. So I think she really is positioned well, where she’s now a single player in a house of duos, so no one would waste their shot taking out a solo player. They’ll always look at the other duos and break them up. I think she’s gonna go far. And now, she really has a lot of options and she can kind of play the ultimate floater game where whoever’s HOH, she just kind of goes a little bit onto that side.

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