EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’s’ Ameerah Jones Reveals Why She Was Targeting Taylor!

Ameerah Jones revealed why she was targeting Taylor, whether or not she thinks Taylor was being bullied, and who she believes is playing the best game in her interview with AfterBuzz TV.

This season of Big Brother is getting good! In the first blindside of season 24, new alliance “The Leftovers” took control and backdoored Ameerah Jones during Turner’s Head of Household run! 

Ameerah is sharing why she thinks she was targeted, Taylor’s treatment in the house, and more in her exclusive interview with AfterBuzz below:

AFTERBUZZ: Why wasn’t Taylor included in the Girls’ Girls alliance?

AMEERAH: Both Taylor and Nicole were not included in the Girls’ Girls alliance, and they never were because in the first two days I believe, they only hung out with the guys. And so in order to keep our girl’s group safe, we knew in past seasons girl’s groups didn’t work out, so our methodology was not to include the girls that we always saw with the guys. Because in previous seasons there’s always a girl hanging out with the guys and they end up spilling all the secrets, and so we were like, okay, they’re with the guys, they’re playing pool, they’re in the kitchen cooking; let’s not include them in our group in order to be as safe as possible. So it was a strategic move just to make sure that we weren’t going to out ourselves.

AFTERBUZZ: Why was Taylor your biggest target? Was it for game reasons, personal reasons, or both? 

AMEERAH: It depends on the week. Each week everything changed, and every eight hours everything changed. By the last couple weeks, Taylor was not our target. What I was trying to do is where the house was aligned [on a target], sometimes I was like, all right, that’s fine. Let’s just get them out. And so all of the guys wanted Taylor out and I was like, she’s not in my alliance so that’s fine with me. There was a lot of hearsay going around about what was said and like, ‘Oh, she’s saying this and she’s saying that.’ It just seemed like it would make the house a peaceful place if we didn’t have all the hearsay floating around, so I was aligned to get Taylor out of the house.

AFTERBUZZ: What do you think of Nicole and Daniel’s outburst towards Taylor? At that moment, why didn’t you step in and say something?

AMEERAH: At that moment I was shocked and I didn’t know what to say. And I was very confused. I think what threw me off the most is that Daniel thought she was an actress and I was like, did I miss something? It kept feeling like I was missing something. I’m playing a game at this moment and it’s all about the optics, and so I’m trying to battle my personal feelings, how I would react outside the house with how I should be acting within the house so that I don’t become the next target. And so how I balance that and how I thought I should treat that is going to speak to each of them individually. So I went and spoke to Daniel and I went and spoke to Nicole to try to clear things up because I didn’t feel like they were right, and I was in the original room where the comment happened so I knew that it was incorrect, their feelings about what Taylor had said to them.

I sat with Taylor for a while and I just talked. I told her what I heard and how I felt, and that I felt like it was wrong and that she could come to me and talk at any time; that I would have her back on this topic, and that I would let other houseguests know as well. So that was my best way at trying to stay in this game, manage this game, win $750,000, and yet try to heal what was going on in the house with people that were being treated incorrectly.

AFTERBUZZ: Outside of the house, there have been headlines saying Taylor was being bullied. Do you think she was?

AMEERAH: Yes, I do think she was bullied. Absolutely. I think that it started off small and it just kept snowballing because it was almost like a gang mentality. She would do something to somebody and it was just getting passed around all this hearsay. So it just kept getting added up to where everyone in the house was just done with it and wanted her out of the house. So I do think there was bullying going on and I think it just kept consistently getting worse throughout the weeks.

AFTERBUZZ: What do you think happened to make you the number one target?

AMEERAH: I think that Alyssa blew up my game because she started dropping secrets to everyone that she shouldn’t have been saying. And I think that I was viewed as a competitive threat, but I wasn’t winning. I just kept getting second place and so I was just showing off what I could do without actually getting any power from that.

AFTERBUZZ: Did you have any idea there was an alliance coming after you?

AMEERAH: Yes. I couldn’t figure out who it was. I was trying to put the pieces together, but I knew that Turner would not just put me on the block without having backup for that. As much as everyone was trying to persuade me and trying to trick me, I was very confused and I was just trying to figure out who it was that was backing him up. I thought it was Nicole and Daniel, but apparently, I was wrong.

AFTERBUZZ: Had you not been evicted, what would your strategy have been moving forward from this week?

AMEERAH: I wanted to evict Turner for obvious reasons. As far as I was concerned, Turner was not in any of my alliances, so I wanted to get people that weren’t in my alliances out first, and then Turner was gunning for me so I knew that he had to be the first go.

AFTERBUZZ: Who do you think is playing the best game and why?

AMEERAH: I think that Kyle and Monte are playing the best game. They are physical threats and yet nobody knows that because they keep throwing competitions, so I think that they’re hiding what they’re truly capable of and yet they’re playing a very strong social game. I think if they keep laying low that they will make it far, and I also think the only way to get them out is to backdoor them. So I’m interested to see who has the cojones to actually take that shot because everyone’s very afraid of them.

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