EXCLUSIVE: 90 Day’s Fernanda Has New Man And Denies Making Up Allegations Against Jonathan

Written by: Michael Clouse – October 17th, 2019 4:27pm

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90 Day Fiancé star Fernanda Flores is moving on with a new man while offering more details on the frayed relationship she has with soon-to-be ex-husband Jonathan Rivera, and their allegedly abusive relationship.

“He cannot silence the truth any longer and it’s my turn to stand up for myself and share the actual truth,” shared Flores.

She spoke exclusively to AfterBuzz TV’s Christy Olson about the situation. This comes after Rivera shared his side of the story with us, denying he ever laid a hand on her.

“The statements made by Jonathan are untrue and not based on the facts and circumstances of the relationship I had to endure with him,” said Flores.

She says she’s tried to maintain her privacy about events in their relationship, and wants to move forward with her life “as quickly as possible.”

“I am struggling to make ends meet and Jonathan is scrambling to remain in the public eye at my expense, and to simultaneously silence me. He has taken steps to destroy my reputation and impede me financially,” said Flores.

Fernanda and Jonathan, Credit: Jonathan Rivera/Instagram

At the center of this public breakup is alleged abuse, with both sides sharing different sides to the story. Rivera claims he never hurt Flores, but instead was the victim.

“She’s punched me in the face multiple times,” alleged Rivera to AfterBuzz last week. “Her dad told me, like, she’s crazy. She has a temper.”

Flores, however, is sticking by her reports of facing both physical and verbal abuse.

“He is not capable of taking responsibility for his actions, and I know I will never get an apology or an I’m sorry from him,” said Flores, adding Rivera is still trying to control her. “I am struggling to make ends meet and Jonathan is scrambling to remain in the public eye at my expense, and to simultaneously silence me.”

Flores says she’s already forgiven Rivera in her heart, and shared the impending divorce case isn’t stopping her from moving on. She sent us this photo of her and her new man.

Fernanda Flores and her new boyfriend.

“Moving forward my life is 100% focused on me and following my dreams and does not have anything to do with him,” said Flores. “I wish him the best but he needs to do him and I am doing me.”

You can read Fernanda’s full account below.

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