EXCLUSIVE: 90 Day Fiancé’s Jonathan DENIES Fernanda’s Abuse Allegations

Written by: Michael Clouse – October 11th, 2019 5:32pm PT

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For the first time, 90 Day Fiancé’s Jonathan Rivera is fighting back after his estranged wife, Fernanda Flores, accused him of abuse. He’s also saying the fake accusations are just a plot to stay in the US, and he can prove it.

“[I] never laid a hand on Fernanda,” stressed Rivera.

Rivera spoke exclusively with Christy Olson from AfterBuzz TV to share his side of the story after being fed up with his name being dragged through the mud.

Earlier this week, season six star Flores advertised an upcoming speaking gig, where she is being billed as a domestic violence survivor. The flyer claimed Flores is known for sharing her abuse story, and fans were confused. In a now deleted YouTube video, Flores said Rivera’s abuse grew over time.

“The mental abuse became verbal abuse. He would tell me I’m lazy, I’m so skinny, making me not feel attractive to him anymore,” claimed Flores, before detailing a time when Rivera pulled her into a vehicle. “I didn’t want to get in the car with him,” she said. “He take my arm and bring me into the car. I was crying. I was afraid for my life.”

Credit: Jonathan Flores/Instagram

Jonathan and Fernanda split for good in December 2018, but despite his filing for divorce early this summer, they are still legally married.

Rivera explained why he thinks Flores made the allegations, and he said he has witnesses. Rivera says he realized early on in their relationship that Flores only wanted US citizenship and a modeling career, not a marriage.

At a party the couple attended with his friends, Flores learned abuse claims could keep her in the country. According to Rivera, during a conversation with a group of lawyers and a judge, Flores was told about the Violence Against Women Act. VAWA grants a green card to victims of battery or extreme cruelty at the hands of a US citizen.

Rivera said Flores  said to him, “’See babe? I don’t need you.'”

Rivera promises you will never see a text, picture, or police report to support her claims, because it’s all bogus. He adds Flores admittedly never told her parents or 90 Day Fiancé producers about the alleged abuse, because there’s nothing to tell.

“They knew how crazy she was,” Rivera says about TLC, revealing that they honored his multiple requests during the season to not show footage of Fernanda acting out.

According to Jonathan, abuse did occur in the relationship, but he is the victim!

“She’s punched me in the face multiple times,” alleged Rivera. “Her dad told me, like, she’s crazy. She has a temper.”

Adding insult to injury, the real estate agent explains how he tried to give Fernanda the world during their time together, paying for her apartment, college, modeling aspirations, and even providing $20,000 to help his wife start a business that she quickly lost interest in.

Another source close to Jonathan says Fernanda jeopardized her cushy lifestyle two months in, when Jonathan caught her sexting with a female friend from back home.

“She was caught texting sexually with other women,” said the source. “Jonathan saw it, and he was shocked.”

Flores apparently cried and apologized profusely. Rivera says Flores reached out after they broke it off to reconcile, but Rivera wasn’t having it.

“Absolutely not,” exclaimed Rivera.

Despite the couple still being married, they’ve had zero communication. TLC was recently filming in Chicago, which sparked rumors the couple would be appearing in a future season. However, Rivera was adament he has no plans to share his personal life on television ever again.

Rivera says Flores has been sent a cease and desist letter, adding, “We’re prepared to file a lawsuit for defamation.”

Surprisingly, he’s not trying to stop her from speaking in the upcoming engagement, just saying he wants her to speak the truth.

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