Everything To Know About Netflix’s Drama-Packed Too Hot to Handle Season 2

From late-night rule breaks to cone dumpings to fully formed relationships, the last six episodes of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Season 2 are sure to shock fans. Read on to learn more about the crazy twists and turns left in store for viewers!

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Posted On: June 30th, 2021 12:39 pm pst

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Season 2 Too Hot To Handle

Credit: Netflix

Too Hot To Handle Fans, get ready! Season two is here, with even more drama, rule-breaking, and cone sassiness from our favorite host, Lana. For the latest season, ten singles take on the challenge of four weeks of celibacy. While this may not seem like too difficult of a task, the contestants are tempted by their fellow players as they share beds, get to know each other, and compete in various challenges and parties. 

Warning… the following contains spoilers for season 2 of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

The drama continues Wednesday, June 30th, with Netflix releasing the remaining six episodes of the series. Netflix first released episodes one through four on June 23rd. After the last episode, audiences were left on a major cliffhanger as Lana announced she would be “streamlining” the group. 

Flash forward to episode 5, where we saw cool girl Kayla, and tik toker Peter get the boot from Lana, the cone in charge of these sexed-up singles. According to her, Kayla was removed for not forming meaningful connections. To us, it seemed like she was far too laid back for the show and probably wouldn’t have caused much drama. Thus, Lana ordered her out. As for Peter, his shenanigans and flirtationship with Melina were short-lived, and it seemed like his time to get back to thirst trapping back home in Staten Island.

As more rules were broken, relationships tested, and tears shed, some contestants had enough of their time at the retreat. The spark between Larissa and Nathan boomed, with some true intimacy created after Nathan opened up his failed marriage, but soon things began to fizzle. Meanwhile, (somewhat) newbies Christina and Robert wasted no time helping themselves to each other and the prize fund, spending $8,000 in 20 seconds flat. It seems to me like they were thrown in the mix for the sole purpose of stirring up trouble!

With the newbies rule break still fresh, Chase and Carly’s relationship worsens, and they decide to call things quits. To add fuel to the fire, Lana’s 24-hour no-rule break challenge gives the group a chance to win back some money just as she sends in new arrivals. It’s almost like that sneaky cone is trying to tempt them!

As the new contestants settled in, they made friends, toured the house (pointing out the spots for ~alone time~), and of course, flirted. Lana gave Larissa and Nathan a challenge to keep their hands to themselves in the private suite. While they succeeded, Melinda and Marvin rekindled their physical spark and cost the group a whopping 20 grand. Chase was immediately drawn to Tabitha, and Carly decided to move on from Chase with new guy Joey.

The severe rule breaks caused Lana to call an emergency retreat where another guru helped the men get in touch with feelings and artistic side. Lana forced Joey and Carly to confess their secret kiss at a fireside chat and dropped the news that contestants would not be splitting the prize as it will go to only one individual. Soon, our cone in chief kicked constant rulebreakers, Robert and Christina, to the curb. 

Clearly, the singles did not learn anything from the lesson, as Chase and Tabitha immediately broke the rules that night. We were all rooting for you, Chase! Personally, we think his first rule break happening right after Carly’s kiss with Joey seems a little too coincidental. He wanted to get even! Apparently, Lana saw the same tension, and so, she brought in a mediator for Chase, Carly, and their partners, which helped clear the air. 

After Nathan’s date with Elle, things never cleared up between him and Larrissa, and they soon called it quits. Larissa left the retreat, feeling her time there was complete. However, the retreat-goers waste no time getting to the angel vs. devil party that night.  While in his devil costume, Cam confesses to Emily that he’s having evil thoughts about doubting their relationship. We wonder if the costume put him in that mood!

The evil antics continue that night, with Lana leaving Marvin and Melinda alone in the suite for the ultimate self-restraint test and Tabitha tempting Cam. In our opinion, it’s clear Chase has fallen for Tabitha, but antics like these prove she doesn’t like him much and even said she didn’t want a relationship. Take the hint, guy!

Ultimately, both couples pass their tests, with Marvin and Melinda revealing their success to the group only after making it seem like they failed. Whether this was their ideas or their producers, it definitely felt a bit scripted and like one of the less genuine moments between this usually authentic couple. Emily and Cam solidify their place as the Harry and Francesca of this season. The two couples look alike, and both struggled throughout the series yet, they pulled through with some of the most impressive character development so far! 

And speaking of development, Melinda and Marvin came through! While they both had some maturing to do initially, they got over the games, drama, and lack of emotional depth. They ended up being mature enough to get the green light from Lana and each other, finishing off the finale as an official couple.

Overall, with 15 rule breaks and only $55,000 left as the grand prize, this group definitely could have benefited from rule-keeper Kelz (of season 1) to keep them in line. However, they did show growth and change from the start. Ultimately, Lana chose Carly, Cam, and Marvin as the most developed. While we think Melinda should have been in the running, those three made progress, and our fave M&M couple still managed to come out on top, with Marvin winning the grand prize!

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