Euphoria Star Hunter Schafer Is Featured On The Cover Of Allure

The activist, model, artist, actress, and inspiration, Hunter Schafer opened up to Allure about her journey, career, and trying to feel seen.” 

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Posted On: August 13th, 2020 10:38 pm pst

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The activist, model, artist, actress, and inspiration Hunter Schafer opened up to Allure about the journey that brought Schafer to the Euphoria set and her experiences since then. Schafer spoke about the biggest project of her life, revealed more on her partnership with Shiseido, and shared what she thinks needs to be done during this tense social climate.

Schafer told Allure that the biggest project of her life is “just trying to feel seen and learn how to see others correctly”. Trans stories in media are commonly confined to be played by cisgender actors and the narrative is usually centered around that characters transition. The entertainment industry is guilty of consistently limiting transgendered and non-binary stories to that singular identity without presenting a fully formed and developed character outside of gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation. 

“Even right now, I have to filter what I say, because more often than not I’ve found that when I say the T-word, whatever sentence that is becomes a headliner,” she continued to tell Allure, “Not only do I think that’s so boring and so predictable, it’s, like such a fraction [of my life]. It feels sensational. It feels like it’s prone to getting sensationalized.”

Proper and authentic representation in mainstream media is now more important than ever, not only, to serve in the public’s best interest, but to meet the audience demand for long lasting change. This is not just a moment and opportunity for Black and queer individuals to tell their own stories played by themselves that presents a full characters life outside of all the intersectional identities that shape us. This is the moment to acknowledge that these communities should have always had the power to present authentic stories with authentic representation. This is the moment to ensure they will always have that power moving forward and hold white celebrities accountable to do what needs to be done with their platform. 

“I feel like with a lot of white celebrities in particular who do benefit from their whiteness and white supremacy, and by proxy the oppression of Black people, they need to be speaking in these moments or to be active in some way,” Schafer continues, “Part of that is using your platform or giving it to someone else, but I also think our voices aren’t necessary in this. There’s also a way to quietly do your part, and a lot of that has to do with allocating funds to the right people. It’s going to be [about] finding some direct action with your body and interrogating your whiteness. None of that is Instagrammable.”

Hunter Schafer calls to action the white Hollywood world to do its part. Schafer’s attempt at comic books, artwork, fashion game, and acting all share the common thread that they intend to create a whole person’s identity. The Hollywood world and white heterosexual “normal” cannot deny Schafer’s visibility anymore. Schafer is being seen and is ensuring that people who the world wants to erase are being heard and their stories told. 


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