Erin Krakow & Tyler Hynes Starring In ‘It Was Always You’

Hallmark Channel stars Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes discuss why their new movie ‘It Was Always You’ is their favorite film so far and are excited to share this with the audience. Plus, an exclusive clip from the movie. 

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Posted On: February 27th , 2021 7:16 pm pst

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Erin Krakow & Tyler Hynes Interview

Credit: Hallmark

Erin Krakow [When Calls The Heart] and Tyler Hynes [Winter in Vail] both star in Hallmark Channel’s romantic comedy It Was Always You premiering this Saturday February 27th on the Hallmark Channel.  

Elizabeth’s [Krakow] engagement plans take a different turn when a storm causes her fiancee [George] to be stuck on the other side of town. Trying to finish last minute wedding details before the engagement party, David [Hynes] who is George’s free- spirited brother tags along. David becomes a big influence on Elizabeth, encouraging her to go with the flow and take chances. Elizabeth soon starts to question if she is settling down with the right brother and learns that there is more to life than just following a list. 

Erin and Tyler join Chelsie Overocker on The House of Hallmark to discuss their favorite moments from the film and Erin explains why this particular movie holds a special place in her heart. 

This movie emphasizes two different personalities in the film. You have Elizabeth who relies on her planner to navigate her day and David who is the complete opposite. For you both personally do you believe in following a list and living a structured lifestyle or go with the flow?


“You mind if I answer this Erin?[laughs]

“I want you to answer this.” Erin smiles. 

“I appreciate that. [laughs] For me I find myself pretty balanced.” Tyler admits, “I am most certainly pretty structured. I do like to have things figured out and have a bit of a path I want to go on and be pretty clear about that. I found in my life having a good balance of the two because it seems like, I don’t know if you guys have this experience but I feel like life has this tendency to bottle neck and then kind of explode. Where nothing is happening then suddenly everything is happening. So for me, I found that a good balance of the two suits me best. Trying to figure out where I’m going then letting things happen as they will.”

Good answer. Life is all about a balance. It’s good to have a game plan because it holds yourself accountable. However, life is so unpredictable that you have to learn to pivot when needed. We definitely see between your two characters how they compliment each other in this area.

Another character that adds a lot of value to this movie is Tilley the adorable golden retriever. 

“Yes she was a blast!” Tyler states, “her trainer was equally as sweet and Briar [Tilley] loved these cheese cubes that I kept feeding her in the truck and outside the truck and everywhere she was she was getting a lot of cheese.” 

Erin adds.
“Yeah and what was great about that was I would put a few cubes of cheese in my pocket too. So whenever Tyler was getting a little low energy or kind of angry I could just toss him a cheese cube. We found that it was effective for both the dog and Tyler.” [laughs]

Not only does Tyler love cheese cubes but in the movie there is a scene where his character David is eating cake while helping Elizabeth pick out the flavor for her wedding cake. What flavor of cake do you both love?


“Oh I got an answer for this! Do you have an answer?”


“I do, definitely a cake that my mom makes. But the trouble is just narrowing  them down because she is very, very good at baking. She makes this peach pound cake. She hasn’t made it in a while so maybe I can kind of guilt her into making it next time I see her. But it’s so rich and juicy from the peaches and sweet. It’s pretty simple but you can have it anytime of day. It’s perfect for breakfast..oh gosh I haven’t eaten yet today. I’m feeling it. [laughs] What about you Tyler?”

“Mine is from the box vanilla with the rainbow colors,” he adds.

“Confetti!” Erin exclaims. 

“Yeah, yeah,” Tyler states, “Whatever is just out of the box Betty Crocker. Love that with vanilla icing with the sprinkles on it. That’s my favorite and then the other one is the DQ ice cream cake because it’s just the greatest of all time.”

Both of these sound amazing. We are now craving cake!


“I suppose any cake could really be eaten any time of day but I really miss that peach pound cake.” [laughs]

Your mom’s cake sounds delicious. We hope you can guilt her into making some soon. That would be the perfect dessert to have while watching this movie. 

There are so many incredible scenes in the film which one are you excited for the audience to watch?


“The trouble is in general I am so excited to share this movie with our viewers that it’s really hard to narrow down one or two scenes that are my favorite. Or ones that I think I am most excited to share with people but I can’t wait for people to see Tyler’s performance. [laughs] In everything.” 


I think the ending. The ending is my favorite part of the movie. For a lot of reasons, I think what you do in the ending is really great. The endings in these movies sometimes go down where the guy ends up talking for awhile and the other person is sort of left listening. I’m sure that’s not a pleasant task or comes with challenges. But with Erin, something about her reaction, through the words of my character’s saying and is doing and the information that she is getting is I think the center of the whole thing.”

Erin smiles, “thank you.” 

We loved the ending scene too. Your reactions in that particular scene are amazing and it’s a beautiful performance from the both of you.  

Another scene that we really liked is when Elizabeth is trying to climb the tree ladder and is struggling. We loved your characters chemistry and this gives a good example of how Elizabeth and David’s personalities compliment each other. 

Here is an exclusive clip from It Was Always You. 

We love how determined Elizabeth is to climb to the top of the tree house!

One other scene that shows a lot of determination is when Elizabeth and David visit an Oyster restaurant. If they eat a platter of Oysters the waiter will ring the bell and they will receive a free slice of key lime pie. Elizabeth doesn’t really like the Oysters but is determined to get free pie. 

When was a time you both can recall where you might have not liked something but you were determined to finish anyway. 

“I think when I first started playing golf.” Tyler explains,  “The first round, the first hole I made. A hole in one. I didn’t know this was a big deal because I didn’t have any experience but my friend explained to me I get a little pamphlet with my name on it saying I did it. Ever since then I was chasing that moment and I don’t know if you know golf but I still don’t [laughs] but I played it for a while and it’s agonizing. The harder you try the worst you get and it’s like this thing you are chasing that you can’t quite achieve. So I’m going to go with golfing. What is golfing? Final answer. [laughs] Go ahead Erin.”

“That’s really incredible, congratulations on your hole in one.” Erin states. “Okay this is a little vulnerable. I don’t know if this is the direction you want to go in but I am prone to anxiety about certain things and things like doctor offices or needles. They just make me feel a little nervous. Is it going to hurt? Am I going to be uncomfortable? How are things going to go? I have just found that it’s always worse in the anticipation. For me anyways that’s been my experience. Once you get there and you have your needle or your shot or whatever it is. You end up being fine and it only hurts for a tiny second. Just pushing through and floating through that anxiety.”

Great answer on both. Tyler we love how you found a talent in golfing and keep at it. We know you will hit another hole in one again and Erin thank you for sharing your story. We all have certain things where we are nervous but you’re right the anticipation is a lot worse than the actual experience. 

Okay, last and final question. This movie has a lot of comedy and one scene that highlights that is when your characters visit DJ Joey to pick out wedding music. Would you both hire DJ Joey to play music at any event you are hosting?


“DJ Joey can DJ any event that I’m hosting anytime. I think Tyler will agree.”

“DJ Joey can absolutely DJ any event that Erin is having.”[laughs]  Tyler states, “I think he should bring his mom too, that would be part of it.” 

Yes, that has to be the deal. DJ Joey bringing his mom to the event. 

Thank you both Erin and Tyler for coming on the House of Hallmark to talk about your new movie It Was Always You premiering this Saturday February 27th on the Hallmark Channel.  

Make sure you all are following Tyler on social media @tyler_hynes and Erin @erinkrakow for all of their latest projects. 

Hearties you can also catch Erin on When Calls The Heart every Sunday night. You don’t want to miss it. 

You can watch the full interview here:

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