Eric Rutherford of @thepushwithericrutherford Talks Dua Lipa, Future Nostalgia, LGBTQ Quarantine Strife, and Checking His Privilege

Written by: Bryant Santos, April 10th 2020, 1:10am pst


Eric Rutherford is a successful actor and model, with an extensive resume of impressive work, but even more than that, he’s daddy AF. I’m kidding, I just had to. Haha!

Even though Eric declined my proposal to be a throuple (he’s a happily taken man y’all!), he still joined the Gay Twitter gang for an insightful conversation about his incredible career and how he checks his white privilege at the door of The Abbey.

Before we got into all that, we asked Eric how he’s been doing during quarantine and since our Pop Diva Dish was Dishing on Dua this week, Eric shared that he loves Dua Lipa and that her new album Future Nostalgia couldn’t have come at a more fitting time.

“Yes, I do listen to Dua Lipa! Listen, I was having this conversation, I was on a Zoom chat with friends or whatever and we were talking about, you know, what are you doing to keep your spirits up…and people are saying, I’m having chats with friends, I’m being creative, I’m dancing on my own, and every time I was talking about Dua Lipa…So many artists were planning to put out music, or movies, or whatever and they’ve now postponed it or put it off, obviously Lady Gaga being one of them, and I find it interesting, you know, not part of her team, don’t know what she was thinking or whatever it was, but that she went through with it. You know, even though some of it was leaked or whatever, I loved that she followed through”, he shared excitedly.

After discussing the postponement of her upcoming album, we also wanted to know what Eric thought of Lady Gaga’s take on families who are struggling together in quarantine. Eric applauded Gaga’s message and also mentioned that we’re all going through our own struggles, since Miss Rona is impacting everyone differently.

“I used to live paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes not even then. So…you guys are so right…it’s not just what you see on Instagram or talk about ‘Imagine’ (referencing Gal Gadot’s viral video), or even just space, or being able to walk outside. Some people are struggling. You know, whether it’s people of color, or religion, or think of people struggling who aren’t out. I was just talking to someone that is out, but their family is not accepting, but they’ve all come together because they thought that was more safe….There are so many stories happening right now”, he stated.

After sharing this insight into struggles he’s dealt with, Eric also discussed the struggles of POCs and minorities, especially in regard to how white privilege is running rampant across the LGBT community.

“Anyone who is an outsider, so to speak, of predominantly wihite culture, or privileged, or whatever it is, so just coming out so young, I’ve always had a sense of being on the outside, or not normal, or again, however you want to term it. So, I mean, I’ve been that way since I was a kid. So just going through my life, but, I was also very aware that I could PASS. Because of the color of my skin, because of the way that I looked, because how I was growing up, how I carried myself, all of those things, for years, I could PASS. I could coast through life, certainly experience life’s ups and downs, but I realized that because I was white, I could get in certain scenarios and I’d be ok. If my skin was a different color, it wouldn’t have been so. Listen, I’m very open about this that it really has only been in the last year, or two years, that I was able to, whether it’s because I grew into myself, and was more comfortable with who I was, that I was actually able to begin to peel back the layer more to see my own privilege”, he explained.

Eric’s acknowledgement of white privilege and how harmful it is to the LGBT community is so important because it emphasizes the idea that LGBT people can sometimes be even more cruel to each other than those outside of the community.

If you want to check out (more of) Eric, head over to his Instagram @mr.rutherford! And be sure to check out his exciting new series The Push With Eric Rutherford over on IG, where he chats about pushing through and staying positive over @thepushwithericrutherford.

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