Eric Bigger & Chris Randone Launch Their New Book,‘TRANS·FOR·MA·TION

ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ stars; Eric Bigger and Chris Randone have launched their new book, ‘TRANS·FOR·MA·TION: Change your Mindset, Change your Energy, Change your Life’ and discuss why they have a passion for wanting to help people. Plus, they give us their thoughts on the upcoming season of the Bachelorette and Matt James becoming the first Black Bachelor.

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Posted On: August 13th, 2020 2:00 pm pst

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ABC’s The Bachelorette stars, Eric Bigger and Chris Randone have launched a new book called “TRANS·FOR·MA·TION: Change your Mindset, Change your Energy, Change your Life.” This book will provide people with valuable tools to help them think positively during difficult situations. The four week program will help develop you into your highest self and learn how to master everything in your life from confidence, attitude, mental health, business, relationships, and love. 

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Chelsie Overocker from AfterBuzz TV connected with Eric and Chris to discuss their new book and what inspired them to want to help people change their mindsets. 


“I’m always about evolving and helping people change. With Covid happening let’s do something that will make a difference in someone’s life.”


“Eric and I had different paths leading up to where we are now. We have similar beliefs and live a life of truth. It’s about having a stable mindset. The mind, it can take control of us. When the pandemic started we were on the phone and having these conversations..we have the tools we can give people to help them with their struggles.” 

The workbook provides everything you need to change your life. What does the four week process look like where this helps someone who wants to overcome anxiety, financial issues, depression, or relationship problems.


“The book is a guiding point through your emotions and thoughts. What are your choices? Why are you frustrated? It’s a guiding point to your emotions that you will complete in 28 days. It covers your mindset, attitude/energy, confidence/clarity, and then the last phase is execution. Once you start reading, it gives you a guiding path to your life… we want people to feel good inside and we have those steps and tools with our experiences. Now it’s time for you to go make your bed.” [laughs]

In addition to launching their book they also created a masterclass where they offer one on one coaching with their clients. What does one of your sessions look like? 


“For our one on one coaching we put them on hold for the minute because we want to do them in person. But right we have the hard covers up. Once where in the same city together we’ll do the one on one coaching for people who would be interested in additional help.” 

Eric and Chris both have uplifting and positive attitudes. They gave us their insights on how they keep a healthy mindset and the experiences they took away from being on a reality TV show that has helped them grow as a person. 


“I had to know who I was. For years I was in deep search. Why I am so positive is because being on the show helped me open up…the more we know the more we grow…with our book, Chris and I wanted something that was real and authentic and helped people change. High energy is how our words can affect our true being.”

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“With the show, it’s easy to get caught up in your thoughts and live on the perception of others. It’s so crazy 99 percent of the time, the harm we experience is in our heads and is caused by our thoughts.The problems we face aren’t the issue, it’s the way we think about it. A lot of the things we stress about whether it’s a flat tire or a breakup…we can’t continue to have those negative thoughts. My favorite part of the book is speaking on high energy words. When you eliminate negativity you will have a different perspective. Start looking at things where you can grow.”

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Now that their book “TRANS.FOR.MA.TION” is launched they are both looking forward to helping people change their mindset; especially now during Covid-19. 


“We’re excited, we actually have a tool and it’s powerful. Eric and I were thinking, wow we did this during a time while there is a pandemic.. Everyone shifted their mindset during sadness and grief. We know what it’s like to have a mixed mindset and help people grow from those’s nice to have Eric as a friend and when you’re feeling down he always has some form of guidance.”

What Eric and Chis value most with their friendship is having each other there for support. They may not face the same problems but can help each other look at them from different viewpoints. 


“It’s nice to have a different perspective and have someone else look at this and know it’s not as bad as it is. You ask yourself; how do we feel about ourselves? How do we help each other? Life is about having a good time [laughs] let’s all win. Let’s all three help each other out. Two people are better than one and if two people are doing good then help lift up the one that isn’t.” 

What helps motivate Eric to want to live a successful life and put in the work is his mentor Tony Robbins; who continues to host the best seminars on how people can better themselves. 

“I honestly look up towards Tony Robbins because of his story. We both have a passion for life and are driven.. I read all of his books and watched all of his seminars. It’s about doing the work. I don’t want to play the victim. He is about taking the responsibility.” 

Tony Robbins is a great mentor and life coach who can help during difficult situations. Just like what Eric and Chris are doing they want to help people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, and financial issues. If 2020 has taught us anything, life is unpredictable. 

Speaking of unpredictable, this upcoming season of the Bachelorette already has everyone talking. Clare Crawley found her man and Tayshia Adams is now stepping in as the new Bachelorette. 

Chris gives us his thoughts on the upcoming season and explains that the process to finding love on the show does work. 

“I honestly think everyone is different..I would say if I was the Bachelor and found someone in a short amount of time I would still go through with the season and see how it plays out..a lot of these guys are there for Clare and have that mindset and now that Tayshia comes in how do these guys feel about that? Everyone makes their own decisions and at the end of day the process does work once you go through the show and experience it. The process is real.” 

Both guys send their love and support to Tayshia, wishing her the best of luck! 


“Tayshia we love you and support you baby girl. Hope everything works out and take advantage of the platform and the opportunity.”

Bachelor nation is also looking forward to Matt James becoming the first black Bachelor and Chris thinks this new season is a great example for our young Black community. 


“I think it’s powerful during this time. Matt James becoming the Bachelor is a great example to the young Black community. Black culture, it’s just not entertainers you can look up to. Anyone can be a businessman, CEO, or a  financial analyst..showing the embodiment of a Black man to the public eye to the entire nation of people who may not be familiar with the Black culture will shift our mindset.” 

If you’re also looking for a tool to shift your mindsets and better your life be sure to check Chris and Eric’s new book and sign up for their masterclass.

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Thank you Eric and Chris for sitting down with AfterBuzz TV to discuss your book and give your thoughts on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

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