Jungle Cry Star Emily Shah, in Quarantine, Brushes Up On Acting By Binging Sopranos and Dancing Through J-Lo’s SuperBowl TikTok Challenge

Written by: Bryant Santos, April 7th 2020, 2:43am pst


Emily Shah started her career in the limelight as a former Miss New Jersey USA. It was after winning the coveted crown that Emily’s career in the entertainment industry really took off. With her degree in Entertainment Media Management and a background in dance and performing, Emily has taken Hollywood by storm with roles both in front of and behind the camera for titles like Fortune Defies Death, Furious 7 and the upcoming feel-good film, Jungle Cry. Emily sat down for a fun TikTALK with me about this exciting new project as well as her favorite TV shows and TikToks.

Emily Shah @emilyshahofficial on Instagram

“Right now I’m watching The Sopranos. So, I’m from New Jersey and I was never allowed to watch The Sopranos, for obvious reasons, growing up. And I finally got HBO as an adult, so now I’m like I have all these shows to watch and I’m like, yeah of course, why would I not watch The Sopranos. So I’m watching Sopranos and I’m watching Dexter, which are like two iconic shows”, she shared.

In addition to watching TV to stay sharp as an actress, Emily shared some other ways that she’s continuing to hone her craft and continue to grow in her career.

“So two things that I’m doing. One is more fun and I don’t take it that seriously but I’ve joined TikTok and I feel like it’s kind of giving actors a way to, I don’t know, perform and be another source of acting… so I’m really enjoying TikTok because I get to be creative with that and it’s fun and I don’t have to take myself seriously.  But the other thing that I’m doing is I started taking a writing class, actually before all this craziness was going down… at UCLA… I’m now starting to write a script so I’m really excited about that, but those are the two things, like the two crafts I guess, that I’m working on right now”, she shared excitedly.

Emily Shah @emilyshahofficial on Instagram

As someone OBSESSED with TikTok who also has a dance background like Emily, I wanted to know if Emily was struggling to keep up with the TikTok dance crazes like I was, and I was so happy we were on the same boat in this aspect.

“I’m like sweating! I’m like what the heck is this! I’m like snap, clap, I don’t even know what’s going on! Yeah, I was sweating and I was doing it in front of my balcony and I could tell my neighbors were outside like ‘what are you doing. Get a grip!’ But, yeah I did, what’s the one…Supalonely! I did that one! And then I did the JLo challenge, which I was sweating! Like my Apple Watch, I literally did a workout before and I’m like let me try the JLo SuperBowl Challenge, which I don’t know why I didn’t think that was gonna not be a workout, but I did my workout and then I did that and my Apple Watch was like ‘hey you worked a lot harder just now!”, she said with a laugh.

Emily Shah @emilyshahofficial on Instagram

If you want to Jungle Cry out to Emily on social media, you can find her on Instagram @emilyshahofficial and Twitter @RealEmShah. You also won’t want to miss Emily’s iconic dance videos and other hilarious TikToks on her page @emilyshahofficial. There’s an outrageously funny video about arranged marriages that you HAVE to check out!

You can also check out Jungle Cry, which Emily produced and stars in, which is slated to be released later this year. 

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